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Yes, civil remedies would help reduce more criminal activities and reduce the high number of prisoners. In this modern society crime has become an order of the day, whether civil or criminal indeed there is a lot of wrongs in the society. A crime is committed when obviously three sets for activities happen i.e. the existence of a motivated offender, a possible target by the offender and lack of human controllers to thwart such action. With such description then we are talking of a high rate of crime in our society. This rate is worrying hence the need for laws and judiciary to manage keep these crimes at bay. Currently we have seen a number of high crime cases being convicted. But then with the high surge of crimes, jails and other conviction centers do not provide the absolute solution. Civil remedies have been created to close the gap that other collection institutions have failed to handle. Civil remedies are different from criminal remedies. Civil remedies are brought to a court by the wronged person to seek compensation of loss, hence civil remedies most of the times monetary. Civil remedies are an absolute exchange to criminal remedies which seem not to create much criminal attribution and lessen the number of prisoners.

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Civil remedies are instrumental in various ways. First civil remedies look at changing the pattern of people’s activities and then reduce the potential of these kinds of people of in the future becoming a problem and also lessen any opportunity of the individuals of engaging in any level of criminal conduct.  Civil remedies are a proved system that will allow petty criminal offenders and other measurable offenders to be taken civil actions which will equivalently compensate for the offence. Therefore, civil remedies prove to be a better solution for certain cases.

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