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At some point, people started extracting natural resources to satisfy their energy needs without thinking about the consequences of such unencumbered exploitation. Given such a wide variety of electricity-generating WWS technologies connected with wind, wave, geothermal means, hydroelectricity, tidal turbines, solar photovoltaics, and concentrated solar power, continuing to rely on fossil fuels to such extent will bring catastrophic results caused mainly by drastic warming effect from carbon dioxide. However, the biggest problem with energy is that whatever people use it for it ends up as waste heat that causes temperature swings on Earth. Energy conservation can reduce all these consequences and help humanity learn to limit their energy needs to the most urgent necessities. Natural resources should not be viewed as unencumbered property of humanity. If our energy demands keep growing, we will not be able to use mainstream fossil fuels freely without warming the planet dramatically.

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Solar power generation is the most promising source for satisfying our energy demands and keeping the planet safe.  It is the only energy source that does not additionally heat the Earth, and the main proponents of such standpoint are Eric Chaisson, Carl Sagan, and Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi. According to Eric Chaisson from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, this is reason is crucial, given the fact that the temperature of the planet depends on the balance between the amount of heat that enters the atmosphere and escapes it. Any power source that does not derive from the 120,000 TW of absorbed solar energy adds more heat to the planet.

Moreover, solar power resources are greater than wind resources, water, and waves. Solar energy has potential of generating thousands of terawatts of harmless power with existing technology. The main prerequisite is connected with proper management which includes careful design and placement of solar plants.

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