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For this coursework, I choose one of the largest cities in the state New Hampshire, Nashua. The first settlement was called Dunstable. It appeared on the territory of the now modern city, in 1655. At that time, it was considered as a trading town: first, the city was famous for merchandised fur, then cotton. This determined the way of the city’s development. In addition, it is considered as Boston economic expansion.

In 2010, the population of the city has changed as compared to the year 2000, by about -0.1%, and the population totals 86.494 citizens. Out of number, around 42.661 (49.3%) are males, and 43.833 (50.7%) are females. The average age of the inhabitants is around 39 years old. The urbanization of the city is influenced by the social change and the growth of the population.

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Cities are often considered as a bad element of society. However, the city itself has all necessary facilities and institution for development of the society. Therefore, for example, in Nashua (New Hampshire) there are private and public schools, as well as a college. For transportation, people use major highway, airport, buses and trains.

The wide streets give the felling of freedom. Nevertheless, at the same time, the other emotion is related to understanding of the emptiness around. People are satisfied with their settled way of life. This allows build neighbor relationships with an ease. Families live back to back for decades and know a lot about each other. People are less distrustful and are more willing to help each other.

Another important factor is the population itself. Percentage of young people promotes vibrant city, while older people focus on the conditions of life of their families, including conditions for secure parenting. Public places are organized according to the trends and development of the dynamic needs of the populations. This gives all grounds to claim that the inhabitants determine the face of the city as a complex establishment, and wise versa.

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