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Architecture is one of the diverse and complex topics due to the nature of work required. The people who chose architecture as a career path have to consider several concepts in order to grasp the skills required in architecture field. First, they have to consider traditional architecture. This is the period before 1950s. In this case, they will notice that the buildings at that time did hold the basic concepts of architecture. According to scholars in the field of architecture, it was an early concept of architecture and it is growing and increasing in fast pace. However, it should be noted that most of the architectural works of this time do not have a human effect as compared to the modern buildings. Finally, it can be noted that before 1950 buildings were perfectly blending with nature in order to bring out the final building.

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On the other hand, people who are interested in architecture should also consider taking a study of trends that have taken place from the 1950s until today. In this case, the world of architecture has taken an immense growth to where it is today. In the past, buildings did not take advantage of the space available. However, after many years, the current architectural buildings are now taking into account all the space available due to the scarcity of land. Second, with the introduction of technology, it has become possible to take notice of the intricate details that people were not able to notice in the past. Finally, people should consider the idea of urban cities for purposes of comparing the modern buildings and the traditional buildings. In this case, they should not consider the objective of the buildings, but the space and movement patterns. As a result, a person will get a clear understanding of the distinction between the two concepts.

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