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1. The culture of privacy and isolation has been here for quite some time. Americans for are not strangers to the concept. As a people, they enjoy their personal space to a high degree and most often will not appreciate the help from elsewhere unless they asked for it in the first place. If one offers help that is not asked for, it is normally considered as a form of intrusion. In fact, personal space happens to be such an issue that if one enters it while in a conversation uninvited, then the recipient may start to become uncomfortable with the new presence than what the person has to say. Because of space and distance specifications, the appropriate gestures for first contact between individuals will hardly involve personal contact. Therefore, a firm handshake during greeting is the first and only physical contact that will suffice for the time. As a result, the conversation has its own specifications and tones considering the situation of the conversation. The first question to open a conversation is to avoid totally the mention of issues such as family spouses, personal income, and politics. This are considered areas of intrusion or prejudice. Other cultures such as the ones in Africa have very different feelings on this subject.

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2. It was George Orwell that termed in a tale of totalitarianism about the government keeping surveillance on the citizens. In this world, individual rights to privacy were a farfetched tale from a storybook that vanished long ago. Therefore, begs the question if the world is moving toward a certain position because of some events, and will this inhibit the personal rights to freedom. The worst thing is that it is not being forced upon us as the social sites as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ dominate the landscape. We are slowly handing over to these sites and thus the government, the very essence of our personal attributes and soon they will know everything about us, where we are, how to find us, and so forth. Ironically, the exact people that have grown up used to all of the social sites and cataloging in this age are the precise people that want their privacy the most. In this age, companies are infiltrating the social sites such as ‘Facebook’ as the new Google for marketing of goods. This is an example of how commercialized the site and privacy have become. In most cases, it is only some time before the government sticks its nose, and they have official capacity. Who is to say that one day they will not take over the social sites? This may seem farfetched to some as an event only happening in the movies or in dictatorships. Nevertheless, in actual sense, it only takes one event. This could be a massive terrorist attack that changes the view of things, and suddenly this becomes a scapegoat for atrocities committed on privacy and in some cases, unwarranted harassment of risk groups such as certain ethnicities.

3. When talking about this subject more mention and emphasis relates to it as a reference to the global version of privacy. In this case, attention should go to the internet. The leaders in the information technology field bare a direct stake in the internet compared to the others. Thus, internet privacy will pay more attention to their version rather than that of others on a global scale. Many leaders of course throughout many countries have expresses worry about privacy settings especially related to the net. Not all countries function as the west, and in some, lack of privacy leading to exposure of some issues are not as welcome.

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