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The council of Australian Governments is an organization that encompasses the federal government, Australian local Government, and the governments of the six states and two mainland territories. The Council of Australian Governments created the COAG reform council in order to help in establishing the reform agenda (Council of Australian Governments, 2008). The reform council is an independent of governments and is directly accountable to the Council of Australian Governments.

The COAG reform council developed health policy changes that resulted to a national health reform. The policy improved the health services such as prevention, aged care, and community health in Australia. It provides funding for these health services. The reform council introduces reforms that could be effective to the national growth and would need mutual action by the Australian government. The Council of Australian Governments established a national health agreement that illustrated a national efficient price (Australian Government, 2012). The national efficient price would be employed to compute the Commonwealth’s involvement in hospital subsidy. Based on activity based funding, the public hospitals could be offered subsidies according to the services offered. Activity based funding offers incentives for the hospitals in order to attend to more patients effectively. It provides funds that ensure patients are treated in appropriate environment.

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On the other hand, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority is charged with the responsibility of determining the most efficient prices that all public hospitals should charge patients in the provision of quality health care services where services are mainly financed on activity basis. Also, the authority is mandated to establish the appropriate cost of health care services in public hospitals where services are mostly block funded. Moreover, pricing authority is charged with the responsibility of providing vital information to decision makers with regard to funding of Australia’s public hospitals.

The Australian Commission on Safety is an agency that leads and manages national developments in quality of health services in Australia (Primary Health care research and information service, 2010). Australian Commission on safety provides guidelines that help in improving the quality of the health services. It provides quality improvement programs based on the national standards. It has several programs, resources, and publications that maintain health care professionals, health care policy makers, and health organizations that help patients in acquiring safe and quality services. The commission also provides guides that aid health services to gather information that illustrates that the national standard activities are taking place. Health professionals employ various ways and tools to measure the health quality of an individual. The health workers also adopt measures to evaluate and improve the health services that they provide (Australian Government, 2011). Quality health care services in Australia cater for the needs of the needs and preferences of the patients. The national health care reforms facilitated health care services that provide quality health. Health professionals are obliged significantly elevate the health quality of people. They should advise their patients on ways of maintaining quality health such as consuming healthy foods. Quality health care is provided in the improved settings that the Australian governments have established. The funding of the hospital by the governments ensures quality health (Chris, 2009).

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