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Free Example of Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking does not mean criticizing any information, but it does mean approaching critically to the obtained findings since there is no guarantee that the data is true. Even experts can be mistaken, therefore, relying on one’s own deduction is essential for a modern person who wants to be in charge of his or hers decisions, all-round development and life on the whole.

In the twenty first century people are surrounded with new technologies that allow to access information without colossal expenditure of time or efforts. What needs to be done is evaluating this vast material before applying it. Therefore, ability to select the right information is highly significant. With offered a large number of choices being offered, it becomes harder to distinguish what is truly necessary and valuable.

Critical thinking involves questioning and doubting about the rightness of the decision, prognosticating the consequences relying on facts not just intuition. This analysis requires investing time and focusing on the problem. It does not offer prompt and easy solutions. In order to succeed, critical thinking must be reasoned and goal-oriented. It involves taking into account any available information and seeking for the missing part, in order to create a fuller picture of the problem, as well as calculate potential risks and possible solutions to the arising threats, and finally making decisions.

Diane Halpern addresses the necessity of critical thinking; by transfer across domains, the author means the applicability of this skill in various spheres. It facilitates the process of applying the skill when it is needed by being predisposed to critical thinking. In order to enhance the transfer across domains, it is essential to develop a habit of critical thinking in various conditions. These skills ought to be transferred effortlessly and spontaneously so that the arising problem gets into the spotlight and not the way of thinking.

As it was mentioned above, in a modern world the ability to apply critical thinking skills should be possessed by everyone. This skill is highly significant for me as a student as it expands the boundaries of acquired knowledge. Obtaining new information needs to be followed by its imbibition in order to use it efficiently in the future.

The ability to think critically will play a considerable role in my career as it vastly contributes towards effective decision-making. It also influences the quality of life directly. When someone takes responsibility for decision he or she makes, it means that this person realizes the consequences of these actions. In order to succeed and move up the ladder of advancement, it is essential to distinguish between the good and bad choices. There is no doubt that listening to the opinion of the other person can be useful, but it does not mean that every word must be taken as granted. Calling everything in question means that a person is capable to think thoroughly before acting, which turns out to be a useful habit for someone who makes decisions that bring effective results in perspective.

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