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Free Example of Depression Essay

Most people with depression do not believe or realize that they are sick and need professional treatment. As the research asserts, the public usually ignores this disease, what leads to avoidance of the diagnosis (Schutter, 2011). Many affected patients have to be aware of treatment and professional help in order to prevent complications of depression.

Primary symptoms of depression may be somatic, such as headache, fatigue, sleep disorders and abdominal distress. The disease with anticipated progression requires common treatment including medication. Depression has different classifications, such as depression with melancholic or catatonic features, bipolar depression, psychotic features, seasonal affective disorder and atypical depression among others (Cousens, 2000). Nowadays there are a lot of many effective treatments of depression including psychotherapy and medication. As a rule, psychotherapy, such as interpersonal, expressive or cognitive-behavioral, may be used alone or in combination with medication (Barbui et al., 2007). The combined approach is considered to be the most effective type of treatment. Depression screening tests are widely used to identify bipolar disorder, though, according to the available information, these tests are not perfect and deeper analyses is needed. Uncomplicated depression may be treated well either by antidepressant or psychotherapy. More severe depression typically responds to more complicated treatment, which includes combination of medication and psychotherapy. However, this process is not simple and requires time and professional help as well as patient`s patience. It is worth mentioning that modern medicine and treatment abilities require effective treatment for major depressive disorders.

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The research asserts that all antidepressant approved by the FDA are effective in depression treatment. The main problem is to identify and diagnose what kind of treatment and medication will be the most effective for the agent (Barbui et al., 2007). To achieve a clinical response, a therapeutic-dose of drugs is usually very important. In order to achieve effective results in treatment of depression, it is worth to investigate personal and family history of previous treatment. Depression usually affects not only a person, but also his family members, who may suffer a lot because of their family member`s depression. That is why it is essential to keep in mind that an affected person has to be treated in safety and tolerability.  People with depression have, as a rule, intense feelings of sadness that are lasting for a while and may affect their family members. Depressed patients lose interest in things their family members and friends enjoy (Schutter, 2011). These issues may be boring for their environment, because not all people are ready to be patient to other`s people problems. Thus, side effects are usually inevitable, such as drug addiction, alcoholism and even suicides.

The authorities in the South Florida have provided a wide range of Depression Clubs, where affected people are involved in different activities in order to prevent and treat depression. For example, the Depression Glass Club was founded to promote glass collection as a hobby. Club`s members are meeting once a month to provide exhibitions, dinners and different programs, where the participants have fun. During such meetings participants are involved by the organizers into interesting interactions between those who are interested in glass collection what gives a great opportunity to them to forget about depression and get positive emotions that are so important in the process of treatment. The South Florida provides well-trained and experienced professionals who are ready to help people with depressive disorders to find hope and get rid from this disease. Healing is available with depression counseling South Florida.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that depression is treatable and all the affected patients have a chance to be healed.

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