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Free Example of Developing Problem Solving Skills Essay

Julie surely experiences rather difficult times in her life, and there is a set of difficulties that she and her family have to overcome now. The range of factors is very large-scale, and thus, without an ability to apply critical thinking and make a thorough analysis, it may seem to be a real disaster. Besides, situation is getting worse provided that these factors certainly affect nearly all the spheres of Julie’s life, including her family, career, and personal development. The main factors contain the following aspects:

  • Julie suffers from an image of an unsuccessful person that is unable to achieve much in her life, especially as compared with her siblings and other relatives. Thus, the woman is rather reserved and has serious moral and personal problems that tend to result into panic attacks.
  • Julie has to follow a very harsh and extremely fast lifestyle and manage a great number of activities such as her study, work, and family responsibilities. Such a constant choice and dependence make her feel completely exhausted and constitute a serious danger to her health. Moreover, the situation became even worse as she has to combine her education with the obligatory management course.
  • Julie faces misunderstanding and ignorance in her family as her close people seem to be little interested in her problems and they can hardly understand why she decided to enrol for a degree course.

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The possible impact of all these problems is highly likely to affect every aspect of Julie’s life as well as the possible solutions such as organizational and institutional ones. It is urgent to use certain problem-solving approaches and techniques in order to get rid of these problems. It is necessary first to identify all the problems clearly and then thoroughly analyze them. The implication of selected approaches will surely help Julie solve all the problems and overcome all the current difficulties in her life. Besides, it is necessary to focus on her health as it is in a very bad condition now, and thus, urgent measures should be taken in order to improve it and avoid extra stress and worries.

The Main Critical Thinking Strategies

Critical thinking and problem solving are the most essential and required skills for every person. This is a certain ability to judge and to decide what to do and what it is essential to believe. This process includes considering all the details and all the aspects of certain situation and problem. A person is usually able to think critically only in case he or she obtains at least some knowledge in this sphere and certain experience. It is recommended to be aware of the main critical thinking strategies in order to be able to cope with all the problems in your life. Critical thinking helps to take up all the events and all the problems that appear in our life. Moreover, critical thinking is tightly connected with such skills as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. It is essential to develop these skills and qualities in order to become successful and to reach all your goals.  With the help of certain critical thinking strategies, it is possible to learn how to perform such tasks as evaluation, analysis or interpretation properly.

Thinking Independently

One of the most widespread critical thinking strategies is thinking independently. People are often influenced by somebody else’s point of view and personal attitude. Various aspects and life circumstances can influence the process of our decision making. That is why it is really essential to try to think independently. It is essential not to accept fully the thoughts of other people. It is recommended to manage to figure out certain things on your own. Independent critical thinkers never accept all the information. It is essential to understand the information and only then you can decide whether to accept it or not. Personal impression and attitude is the main goal that should be definitely achieved according to this critical thinking strategy. There should not be any division on true or false. Every decision should be made up concerning your personal beliefs and ideas. 

Insight into Egocentricity

One more critical thinking strategy is developing insight into egocentricity. This strategy pays much attention to the difference between reality and one’s own fantasies. It is important to consider various possible variants and try not to be stubborn. Only in case a person is many-sided, he/she is able to accept and compare various variants and opportunities. In order to find the proper and the most objective decision, it is essential to analyze a wide range of different factors and aspects. Every person should try to have a constant interest in clarity and logicality. These are one of the main requirements of the critical thinking. It is far more important to try to achieve complete fairness and truth in your decisions instead of always being stubborn and right.  Egocentricity is considered to be an opposite side of the critical thinking.

Own Opinion

One more important detail is to have your own opinion and try to find truth instead of simply accepting the stable group opinion of certain things and notions. It is necessary to see the difference between loyalty and unconfirmed agreeing.  It is important to accept critique and devote much time to self-development. This critical thinking strategy is tightly connected with exercising fair-mindedness. This is one more strategy that can gradually help one to develop their skills and widen their knowledge and experience.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is impossible in case you refuse to consider the strong and weak points of somebody else’s point of view. It is recommended always to try to understand other people and various attitudes and points of view. Our world is quite a complicated system, and it includes various societies and people of different religions, nationalities, and cultures. It is recommended to consider the extra linguistic information and all the available information on some topic in order to be able to make a proper decision.

Besides, in order to cope with problems, it is necessary to understand the role of emotions in your decision making. During our life, we have to make up numerous decisions and it is quite understandable that sometimes we are at least somehow but influenced by our emotions. Being more or less logical when you are making some choice is quite natural. However, it is essential to understand that every choice and every decision leads to certain consequences. That is why in case you do not want to have some unexpected and undesired results, try to control your emotions and to consider all the aspects before making a final decision.

As it is known, decision making is a certain cognitive process that contains some choice between certain things. The preferences may be quite various, and sometimes the process of decision making can be influenced by various factors. That is why every decision has two sides, concerning our mind and our feelings and emotions. Logical approach to making decisions includes only rational methods and certain mathematical tools. Every decision guided by logic usually excludes any possible influence of emotions.

The Process of the Emotional Decision-making

As for the process of the emotional decision-making, it can have several types and variations. First of all, there can be a totally emotional decision. This decision is usually made up rather fast without any use of the rational methods. This type of behaviour is also called reactive or subconscious decision-making. A totally emotional decision is usually used when we have no time to think or when we came across some urgent or dangerous conditions. Some people make emotional decisions with some logic, but emotions are usually prevailing. Moreover, it is possible to use your logic at first, and then, at the final stage of the decision-making, the main decision is totally influenced by the emotions of the person.

It is quite difficult to say what type of decision is better. Decisions guided by logic or emotions both have pros and cons. Emotions are quite important in the process of the decision-making. It is even considered that almost every logical decision is still somehow influenced by emotions. It is also believed that emotions serve as certain signals that help us to understand whether we are doing something right or wrong. Such subconscious signals often tell us if our logical decisions are wrong or do not seem to be absolutely right.

Moreover, it is also considered that our mood and current state can also influence our behaviour and our decision-making process. Mood and emotions affect our decisions a lot, especially in case it is something quite doubtful and uncertain.

In conclusion, it should be said that Julie is absolutely capable to solve her problems in case she manages to devote enough time to such stages as problem definition, problem analysis, and thorough decision-making. Such problem-solving techniques as abstraction, analogy, brainstorming, hypothesis testing, and root cause analysis seem to be the most efficient in this situation.

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