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The medical devices industry faces several challenges. The first challenge centers on the need to penetrate new markets. It is critical that players in the medical industry penetrate new markets as market dynamics keep on shifting. Consequently, the industry levels of competition are on the rise. For industry participants, they have to work hard in order to keep pace with leading players. This would be in reference to the fact that industry players would need advanced medical equipment and high skilled workers such as doctors. Again the aspect of globalization has meant that competition levels have gone beyond national borders. Consequently, keeping pace with international players is a big challenge especially in accessing the right devices for use.

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Aspects of religion and race have also affected how the industry operates. For instance in India and south Asian countries, the nature of diseases differ from those in other parts of the world. Specifically, heart disease and diabetes differs from the variants that are found in Europe. Thus, it is necessary to understand the differences. Failure to understand such differences complicates how the medical fraternity handles them. In practice, the medical fraternity would be better placed to deal with uniform occurrences. Thus, a deviation in the nature of diseases presents a big challenge to the medical field. It is also worth noting that the devices used have to be differentiated in order to handle the issue properly.

Differentiating software in the medical industry is a major challenge. For instance, the area of ultrasound is a challenge. Traditionally, algorithms were used to convert waves to visual images. However, the need for real time changes has meant that the software be changed to reflect the needs of the current times. Similarly, the key differentiator in interoperability has had to change in order to reflect emerging trends in the medical devices field.

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