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Free Example of Disruptive Behavior in Class Essay

During this week, I encountered a student with disruptive behaviors in class. The mentioned student would not let the learning process to continue as usual as he constantly caused commotion. This happened during the first and the second classes.

After noting the problem, I brainstormed and searched through relevant materials and prior knowledge on the best way to tackle the issue. According to Bambara, Nonnemacher, and Kern (2009), the disruption could have been  a result of inappropriate teaching strategies being applied by the teacher. It could also have resulted from differences in learning and teaching styles. Another reason could be emotional disorders experienced by the student. These are just some of the reasons that could have led the student to misbehave in class.

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Analysis of the possible causes was important in order to deliver the right guidance to the student. Before summoning the student, I visited the office to obtain information from his file. This would broaden my knowledge on the student’s learning background. I also contacted the other teachers to get the vital information on how the student behaved while they were teaching. With all this information, I summoned the student.

Fortunately, he opened up and explained his case to me. The route course of his disruptions was as a result of emotional problems. His parents were going through a breakup, and this experience was tormenting him. We sat and talked on the importance of his education and the need to develop a different behavior. Finally, we devised a plan ensuring the young man goes through regular counseling, which will impact positively  his behavior.

Through this experience, I have learned that all classroom disruptive cases are different. According to Stevenson (2002), the underlying factor is the cause of the disruption, which needs to be identified and addressed to improve the situation.

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