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With globalization increasing in the world, there is a need for more interaction among people from diverse cultures, beliefs and backgrounds than ever before. Many people now no longer work only in their home place; but they are part of a worldwide economy with competition from almost all the continents.

Diversity can be defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing and celebrating the differences among people with respect to age, class, ethnicity, gender, and their abilities. It means acknowledging people despite their race, sexual orientation and spiritual practice (Parillo, 2009). Generally I have not learnt as much about my ethnic or cultural history. However, the last general election in America helped me to appreciate other cultures in the fact that different races and cultures were in support of a black candidate, who later won the presidency.

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In the recent past there has been the largest increase in immigrants especially in California, Florida and Texas. Thirty one percent of the adult immigrants have not completed highschool; this has increased the workers without high school diplomas to fourteen percent. Immigrants account for almost all of the national increase in public school enrollment in the last two decades (Parillo, 2009). Though recent immigration has had no significant effect on the nation’s age structure, without the 10.3 million post -2000 immigrants, the average age in America would be virtually unchanged (Parillo, 2009).

According to many observers, America’s place in the world is likely to diminish in the decades to come, but looking beyond the current hardships, one can get many reasons as to why America will remain ascending well into the middle decades of this century. The major reason here is people. Between now and 2050, America will increase its population by 100 million based on census and other projections. This will put the country on a growth track which is faster than other major nations.

This growth is driven by higher fertility rates and immigration. Although the percentage of childless women is rising in America, just like in any other nation, it still boasts of having the highest fertility rate. More remarkably, the US will expand its population in the midst of a global demographic slowdown. A recent survey found that only half of the Italian, German and Korean women who are 16 to 24 said they wanted to have children. The same research in the US revealed that roughly three-quarters of young people plan to have children.

Issues of diversity have been of great value and importance to the US, bearing in mind that it has one of the most diversified populations as a result of immigration. One major benefit is that diversity has enabled promotion of humanistic values. With people of diverse cultures, it demonstrates that it celebrates and appreciates the diversity that exists in people (Parillo, 2009). Another benefit is that, diversity has helped the country to improve its productivity and profitability. It has also helped in creating a bigger pool of talent for organizations thus giving the country a competitive edge, which helps it to progress in a competitive world.  Diversity also enables exchange of innovative ideas (Parillo, 2009).

On the other hand, diversity has produced negative dynamics such as ethnocentrism, stereotyping and cultural clashes. In many cases, cultural differences between the majority and the minority groups have created barriers to full participation of the minority members. This can lead to poor work performance, hence reduced levels of productivity in the country.

There are several ways through which we can foster acceptance and cultural pluralism in the United States. One such way is holding workshops for people working in organizations and bringing skilled people to run the workshops. People should be taught about diversity and the need to embrace its principles. It is also important to encourage diversity in organizations. The same kind of strict adherence to policy and procedures in organizations should also apply to issues of diversity.                          

Stereotypes reduce a wide range of differences in people to simplistic categorization. They transform assumptions about particular groups of people to realities and perpetuate social prejudice and inequality. The media offers a number of resources that help young people to recognize stereotypes and understand how they can affect the way they relate and feel about others (Ponterotto, Utsey & Pedersen, 2006).

 Media stereotypes are unavoidable especially in advertising and entertainment. The media perpetuates stereotypes in one way or another. What people see, hear and read in the newspaper or in movies has a great deal in influencing the relationships between different groups. How African, Hispanic and Asian Americans are portrayed in these mediums often stereotypes and reinforces negative images of each group (Ponterotto et al., 2006). The lack of diversity in the media also impacts how stories are covered, and limits opportunities for the minorities in these professions.                                                                                                                                           

Racial profiling is also a problematic aspect of the media as it serves to further biases and stereotypes. As a result of miscommunication; a reader assumes that the images and facts displayed represent the racial group as a whole. In local TV news, the images and programs have served to cause what researchers call modern racism (Ponterotto et al., 2006).

Everyone has a responsibility towards reducing prejudice and stereotype. People should thus travel to different places, especially to places that challenge their world view. One should take a course on prejudice and if possible, discussions among people of different social groups and ethnicities should be encouraged.


In conclusion, it is very important for the US to appreciate diversity as well as any other country. Despite the challenges that come along with it, it is clear that its benefits outweigh the challenges. It should be everyone’s responsibility to help foster acceptance and cultural pluralism. The media should be on the front line in fostering appreciation for diversity and the government should put proper measures to discourage the media from perpetuating stereotype and prejudice.

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