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According to Greek (2010), in an article on why we test new drugs on animals, acknowledges that testing drugs on animals has awaken a new interesting question. This has been as a result of research that has brought together scientist with an aim of finding solutions to the impact of drugs. It is worth noting that research that has been carried out has been directed towards finding solution to a certain cause such as finding solution to diabetic conditions. Greek (2010), therefore states that the purpose of undertaking a drug test is to ensure safety of the patients and children. On the other hand, Knight (2012) state that the degree of response of the drugs raises fundamental question as to why it is effective in some cases while in other it is not. This is why it is important to evaluate the solution critically. Despite the great difference between animals and human, Knight (2012) states that more and more experiments are being carried out on the latter.

The relationship between animals and human being makes even the study of these drugs more interesting. If an infection can spread out from the animals, and which can be fatal, then mankind can be the first culprit to suffer the consequences. This is because apart from being close allies to humanity, they are also used as food. While most drugs are considered effective, there are small percentages that can be considered as unsafe or ineffective (Knight, 2012). Studies as noted by Knight (2012), shows that animals have some characteristics that limits the application of drugs. For instance, he stated that the biochemical, physiological and genetic differences is what alters disease progression, effect and even the uptake of drugs. Knight (2012), states that even though many experiments have been carried out, more need to be done so as to address the increasing number of flaws. The personal orientation that the author tries to state is that we have to appreciate the features that distinguish animals from human beings and what makes them unique in being used as drugs. Knight (2012), acknowledges that it is these features that can still be used in researching on new studies and getting solutions to the challenges experienced with drugs in animals.

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Scientists are more interested with this particular issue as it affects the global environment. In addition, drugs in animals have aroused interest within the human population with the belief that efforts needs to be done to correct the wrong image already made. Negative impacts to drugs as a result of drug reaction are also raising eyebrows within governments. Knight (2012), acknowledges that the limitations witnessed in drug reaction must never be underestimated. For instance, several states have lost billions in dollars through adverse drug reactions in the healthcare system. Greek (2010), on the other hand states that there is lack of understanding on drug trials. The drugs in animals used to treat various causes must be allowed to advance to human trials so that a knowledgeable society can be created. More research must therefore be carried out as far as drug testing in animals in concerned. Greek (2010) believes that when we have an understanding on drugs in animals, we can achieve some of the objectives that the medical world is in deed of, and that is finding cure to some illness.

The positions held concerning this issue is that there is need for more research to evaluate how the effect of a disease in animal can spill over to human beings and how it can be avoided. Furthermore, there is need for incorporation of technological innovation which will bring in more solutions. According to Knight (2012), sophisticated software are now able to predict drug concentrations. The issue of drug testing in animal is no longer an ethical issue as was thought but based on this understanding; it should be considered an ethical problem with measures being directed towards making the general public understand its impact and effect on the society. Drug testing is an opportunity where we can be able to eliminate treatment risks. Corruption has also been noted to contribute to fake drugs having to access the markets. According to Greek (2012), failed animals models through drug testing does not account to illegal drugs having to penetrate the market environment.

According to the Committee on Drug Use in Food animals (1999), the use of drugs in animal production has contributed to significant benefits in the food industry. Despite these tremendous efforts, the use of the drugs has also resulted in public health safety concerns. †The study of humanís pathogens in animals has also been highlighted by the study and how the resistance of animal microbes can be transferred to human pathogens. People all over the world continue to cherish clean, fresh and food that is not contaminated. This is because they need to remain healthy and strive to succeed without any signs of discomfort. The fact that many of our foods come from animals shows that the use of drugs in therefore fundamental to their health as well as that of human beings. Vogel et al (2006), on the other hand notes that the use of conscious animals for conducting certain research present the possibility of reusing animals. In the process of drug discovery, safety measures have been taken into account and hence an effective process that addresses the safety standards are now being taken into account. It is important to acknowledge the Committee on Drugs Use in Food animals (1999) appreciates the role of animals in food industry. When ineffective drug administration is applied, then human health can be subjected to much harm and this can end up causing an impact to the human population.

Vogel et al (2006), notes that the sequential strategy is no longer being used in clinical pharmacy as well as the clinical trials. This is because there were some negative effectives of the organ function which were discovered as well as the development of new approach that now offers a new possibility. Voget et al (2006), believes that it is the changing strategy in clinical practices is directed towards ensuring quality in drugs in animals. The discovery of drugs on animals is a step towards making new discoveries that have not been made before. In addition, Zanders (2011), states that the science and business of drug discovery is important to all those who want to know more about the effect of drugs on animals and the type that can be applied in the biopharmaceutical industry. One way of becoming knowledgeable about drugs and how they can impact on living creatures is through testing them in animals. This is the same ideology that Zanders (2011) believes that can improve the medical field.†

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