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Free Example of Ecological Footprint Essay

The main contributing factor of my ecological footprint is the use of energy. I spend more than ninety percent of my day using energy. To begin with, I use electricity almost every day. I spend my time at the computer working and using light bulbs to light the room. I also use the television a lot to follow any current events and entertainment. Additionally, I use the electricity for showering increasing my ecological footprint. On the other hand, when I am not at home working or any other place, I spend my time moving to the town to run a few errands. In this case, I use more energy using vehicles. Finally, I believe that food and other activities do not contribute much to my ecological footprint.

Water – I use water for bathing, drinking, washing the house, brushing of teeth and washing the utensils. In bathing, I use the shower frequently and I take less than fifteen minutes to bath.

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Electricity – Turning a light bulb on, heating breakfast by the use of microwave, removing something from the fridge, heating water for coffee, watching television, listening to music and cooking.

- The first thing after waking up is to turn on the light bulb. However, I make sure I turn of the lights while I am not in the room.

-  Cooking is another part I use electricity. I use the microwave to heat almost all my meals. I use the fridge as part of my cooking because I store my food.

- I use other kitchen appliances like the coffee maker, water heater and the blender.

- Television is another appliance I use to keep updated on the current affairs of the country. Moreover, I use the computer to do my work.

Fossil fuels – I use the bus and gas to cook.

-  In most case, I use the bus to move from one place to another but I also enjoy a quiet drive in the city.

-  When it comes to cooking, I use the gas to cook and heat things around the house.

-  I only cook food while I am at home this is usually supper. In this case, I use the gas.

Animals – I take meat products almost every day. To begin with, take eggs, red meat, white meat, and milk.

-  I take eggs almost everyday for breakfast. I use milk to make my tea. Occasionally, I have beacon, sausages and brawn for my breakfast. It can be either pork or beef.

-   For my lunch, I take beef most of the time. On certain occasions, I take fish and pork for lunch.

-  I take occasional snack every now and then. An occasional snack may be meat burger, chicken or fries and smokies.

Plants – I cut the grass after it grows towards a certain level.

- I eat vegetables everyday. In this case, salads and other foods are my best.

- I rarely write something on paper but if I do need to write on paper, I can write.

Air – I use the air to fill my lungs ever second of the day.

-  Secondly, I use the air when I am going for a drive or I use the bas for traveling purposes.

Preparation of my meals is taking up all the energy. This is because every time I walk in the kitchen beginning with the switching on of the light, my ecological footprint starts to grow. Secondly, all the kitchen appliances are using either electricity or gas to use. In this case, they are increasing my ecological footprints. Additionally, most of the appliances in the kitchen use electricity. I am surprised because I did not realize that most of these appliances use more electricity than usual. These appliances have great impact in my life because I cannot do away with them. It is surprising to learn that I spend a lot of energy while I am in the kitchen, yet I spend the least time possible in the kitchen.

Due to the high usage of electricity, I am trying to find new ways that will ensure the cutting down of power usage reducing my ecological footprint.

The first thing is walking more and using less of the vehicles. In this case, I will gradually reduce pollution and use of energy.

The other thing is the reduction of using the kitchen appliances. In this case, heating of water will gradually reduce. This will definitely reduce my ecological footprint.

There is no usage of shower heater unless it is necessary. This is because shower heater uses more electricity than anything does in the house.

The reduction of television usage is another thing of reducing my ecological footprint. In this case, I will be watching television when necessary.

Finally, I should encourage planting of trees as a way of contributing to the environment. This will immensely reduce environment degradation.

After observing the above things, there are things in the list that are doable while others are difficult to fulfill. The easiest is to watch the television when necessary. This is because I can use the laptop for checking current affairs. Secondly, the use of cold water for showering is another thing that I am ready to sacrifice. Walking is the other thing that I am likely going to start doing to reduce my ecological usage. However, it will be extremely difficult to start planting trees. Planting a tree occasionally may not be easy because their not enough land to plant. The other option is the reduction of using kitchen appliances. It is extremely difficult to use stop using the appliances because I need them.

I liked the first footprint calculator know as the ecological footprint. This is because it has the best features and it is not biased. It has a variety of countries applicable for the test unlike the other tests. I did not like the footprint calculator because it was discriminative on the number of countries. Additionally, the features of the site are not appealing. The ecological footprint calculator has the best results as compared to the rests. This is because it has a variety of questions that it is using to calculate the ecological footprint as compared to the rest of website calculators.

1.6 earths. I believe the use of electricity in my house is increasing my ecological footprint. To those people who have the same ecological footprint like mine should consider walking to work especially where the distances are short. On the other hand, for those who have an ecological footprint should try to look for measures that will help them reduce their ecological footprint. Technology is one of the greatest contributors to the increase of ecological footprint.

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