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When developing an educational program to teach EBP students, it is important to inculcate to the students that this is the core of professional development. It integrates clinical expertise, judgement and skills to produce the best evidence. This field is one characterised by some levels of paradigm in shift. As such, programs are now developed in such a way that they appreciate the value of science and research. It is therefore, †important to develop educational materials that have scientific foundations for practice. Being a problem solving culture, there should be systematic training in the self- assessment training.

Academic institutions can act as research centres providing tools and equipments such as laboratories. Their highly developed and up to date technology can help in dealing with this dynamic practice. To improve professionally, it is important to acquire up to date information from educational materials. The publishers of journals, articles and books can ensure the unending supply of such materials.

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A strong foundation is paramount for the best development to occur. It is therefore in order to begin by inculcating the foundational aspects of the EBP program to the students. This would be done by introducing the principles of EBP during the first class. Since this is more of an evidence based practice, the best assignment would be to use a real experience. I would let the students work on a real case study, use the patientís preference and the principles learnt to come up with a solution.

Mentors serve as instructors and students tend to emulate what their mentor does. They take the learner from the foundation level all through to maturity. There is an emphasis on this being a dynamic field. Bureaucracies can lead to rigid rules, which will definitely develop ethical issues. Excessive rigidity and red tape should be discouraged.

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