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Free Example of Enterprise Resource Planning Essay

ERP is computer-based application software that incorporates a set of modules that are designed to manage and support several functions of a business organization. Its role is to ease the information flow of business functions within the organization boundaries and management of connections to external stakeholders. ERP, though suitable, has its popularity confined due to various available factors. These include vulnerability to attacks from outside which makes it insecure. The attacks may include an overflow of buffers that allow easy access and the ability to fool users into revealing their credentials to unauthorized persons. Aspects such as utilization have also led to ERP limited popularity. The high cost of training workers has become a crucial problem and companies consider this to be costly (Simon 2005).

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Other factors that limit its popularity are its customization and only selected companies can use it effectively outside their perimeter. ERP applications also require modifications in order to accommodate company needs. This turns out to be wearisome and costly which contributes to its low popularity. There are many ERP applications out there and recommending any to a company entails a lot of research. The ability to integrate with various modules and other software packages at ease is a major factor that is to be considered before deciding on the most suitable application. Also, the ability to visualize business operations and control costs is an important factor when deciding on suitability. In addition, ERP comes along with various benefits like integration, which incorporates different business departments into one organized platform and also gives a clear outline of business functions alongside offering quick performance. Other benefits include a reduction in operation costs by allowing companies to have great control in production, inventory, and marketing. This is achieved by the fact that dependence on the help desk is barely used.

There are many ERP company websites out there and several factors may arise on their credibility. Examples include Dean & Associates and Daptiv systems. Despite the fact that these companies offer ERP applications, each has an advantage over the other depending on various functionalities. This eventually leads to the evaluation of enterprise needs before settling on the best application. Applications from these companies do not offer all the requirements needed for various businesses and have also been criticized for their high integration and training costs that come along with them (Lequeux 2008).

In addition, ERP has become impressive due to the fact that they improve efficiency together with reducing manual errors that are experienced at times. Services to customers are also improved together with the ability to control costs and improve the internal partnership between suppliers and their consumers. Besides all these, ERP also gives a wide view of a business enterprise that eventually aids in decision making. Even though ERP has a strong impression, it also seems to be confusing, in that, handling it out of the business circumference to suit company needs is difficult. Very few companies can be able to do this though it can turn out to be very expensive and tiresome. ERPs are costly for startups and before any implementation is done, lots of consultations need to be done (Simon 2005). This makes it not acceptable to many companies since it is an application that can’t guarantee profit. In conclusion, ERP has been widely adopted by many enterprises and despite the critics surrounding it, many advantages come with it a powerful system for business enterprises.

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