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The city of Phoenix, Arizona has a very bad situation considering air pollution. A lot of damage is caused for a number of reasons like pollution from car gases, severe traffic and dust in the roads. The most famous problem raise in this area is known under the name of “brown cloud”. This is a cloud of dust and particulars that cover the valley where the city is situated, so it is possible to see that people that are inside of the city breathe in very polluted and definitely not clean air.

The most common diseases in this area are related to different respiratory illnesses and allergies that are caused by polluted air. Predominantly elderly people who have lived in Phoenix for their whole life are in the group of risk to be recognized with some lungs problem or even have COPD. However, according to statistics analysis more that 80% of those people who die from COPD are smokers and were smoking for greater part of their life or at least for the last 20 years of their life. A great part of the population of Phoenix suffers different allergies and respiratory illnesses.

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One of the leading objectives is teaching the people how to decrease hospitalizations for COPD. That is why the survey shows that the current situation with people’s actions in this direction leave much to work on. The most common action that all the community tries to perform is to change air filters in their houses to prevent polluted air to the house.

There are seasons of monsoon when filters are changed once a month. It is suggested that people can use filter masks to breathe in cleaner air than without it. It is necessary to mention that greater part of elderly people in Phoenix, Arizona suffer some lung problems and such physical ways of prevention of particles that are in the air and other materials or chemicals or gases getting in peoples organisms is essential.

Teaching people that there are new technologies that help to make their houses cleaner and the air in them fresher is also a part of the teaching program.

Not all the people in Phoenix, Arizona are aware about the ways they can make their life in this area better. It is known that according to the bureau of US National statistics and EPA, Arizona is one of the states with the worst air situation.

Planned Evaluation of Objectives

Elderly Population in Phoenix

The determinants of life longevity for elderly people will be evaluated and compared with the existing situation. Along with that there will be done the research on the question of changes of the situation after elderly people started to follow the rules of the project and tried to change their lives in the asked way. The survey about the general health state will be evaluated along with the statistical data from the hospitals.

2020 Objective Respiratory

Evaluation of the data from hospitals and medical universities will be held that will lead their research on the situation with respiratory problems in Phoenix, Arizona.

Decreased Hospitalizations for COPD

Data from the city health centers and surveys of people who were in the risk groups in the beginning of the project and at its ending.

Air Pollution (Quality) in Phoenix

Comparing of the results of the work of teaching project by evaluation of the results of the environmental and air quality centers and making conclusions upon the changes within the situation will take place.

Planned Evaluation of Goal:  Describe how and when you could evaluate the overall effectiveness of your teaching plan.

The most effective way to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan is to make a constant monitoring that will show the sequence of the situation in progress. Making notes and comparing of the planned data and figures with those that will be calculated according to the real situation will also be helpful to produce a quality analysis of the teaching program in general. Particular goals monitoring will show in diagrams the flow of the whole project and of its separate parts. For example, it will be monitored how big are the changes in different age groups that were put on the teaching program, how decreased the cases of hospitalization with COPD since the project’s start.

Statistical monitoring and analysis of the air conditions will take place every year and compared to the results of the previous year. The information on the amount of cases of different cases of allergies and other respiratory illnesses will also be taken into consideration and thoroughly evaluated.

The process of teaching the elderly category of people is directed to decrease the negative influence of polluted air upon the health situation in the given area. Thus, it is planned to make the investigation by way of taking survey from every household to make inquiries about how often they change the air filters and what does it make to the situation in the house, how this influence their general state of health and how often they have to visit hospital to get some help with their respiratory system.

As a conclusion and having all the listed data and figures it will be possible to evaluate the significance of the program of healthier nation in 2020 and make a detailed analysis and conclusion o the situation with air pollution and changes of its influence upon people’s state of health.

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