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Free Example of Establishing New Daycare Room at College Essay

This project proposal aims at requesting an opportunity of creating a daycare room for students’ children at college.


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The objective of project proposal is establishing the daycare room for children at college.


According to the survey, seventy eight percent of the students consider that there is a real need for a daycare room at college. As most of the students spend long hours there, they should have a place for their children, who have not yet entered the kindergarten. More and more students today become the young parents, for that reason, there arouses a burning need to establish the daycare room on campus. Easy access to child care will become an obvious benefit, as students will obtain the possibility to attend all the lectures and to complete their degrees. Daycare room might help students with children to fulfill their dream about higher education.

Discussion of the Problem

It is not a secret that teen pregnancy often becomes an obstacle on the way of getting the college degree. It is worth mentioning that teens are the most vulnerable part of the population. According to World Health Organization, approximately 16 million girls of teen age give birth to children each year. In most cases their pregnancies is unplanned. With the birth of the child, the life acquires specific meaning, but it also presupposes change of the lifestyle and every day habits. Unfortunately, sometimes these changes turn out to be not so positive, as it seems at the first sight. An unexpected pregnancy affects the study, relationship with parents and boyfriend, and even the state of soul.  Once a child is born, the student encounters difficulties trying to bring him/her up and to attend college. However, some young people have a great wish to study, and because of this, they become diligent students and good parents. The college administration should help such people, for that reason; there arose an idea of creating a daycare room for students’ children. It will make young parents’ life much easier, as they will stop worrying about their children, and will dedicate their time to lectures and educational material.


Benefits are expected to include:

  • Helping students to attend college lectures and to get the degree;
  • Giving peace to minds of the students;
  • Increasing the level of degree holders within the state;
  • Assisting students’ children to improve their cognitive skills and language abilities;
  • Providing more place to play for children;
  • Promoting children’s physical training and mental development.


The daycare room is pressing need for students with kids. The thing is that combining studying and looking after the child is a difficult task, and this is the way out in this situation. Besides, other colleges have already created such rooms for children under the Student Mothers Program.


Several options where considered, and the one with the most significant benefit was selected. It presupposes rebuilding one or two lecture halls into a daycare room. This room might function traditionally from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The students agreed to pay the monthly fee, and it will allow taking good teachers for the children. There exists a possibility of taking advantage of the state and federal programs designed to support child-care programs. Besides, there might be organized some fundraising activities. Such companies as Wildtree and Tupperware have a fundraising programs, which could assists in the process of money collection. 


While discussing this issue, the practical approach to the problem is applied. As it was already mentioned, in order to establish a daycare room for children, it is planned to rebuild one or two lecture rooms into the daycare environment. The daycare environment should have high ceiling and there should be least 25 square feet of indoor space. The room must be repaired and divided into four areas: eating area, sleeping area, studying area, and play ground. Children should have enough space to run, to jump, to climb, and even to have some privacy. The daycare room must contain the basic equipment (shelves, tables, play trough), house equipment, and various toys.


In order to proceed with the proposal the authorization from you is necessary.


Students of … College will appreciate creating a daycare room for children on campus. Studying and looking after the child is a difficult task, and students need a place, where they could leave their kids, when they go to lectures. The best idea is establishing a place, where kids could spend time with their peers and teachers. Daycare room will bring benefits for both students and children. The first will obtain an opportunity to attend all the lectures and get the degree. The latter will improve their cognitive and communicative skills.

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