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Free Example of Evaluate a Website Essay

Creating a website requires applying certain principles that make it effective and attractive to the viewers. The indicators of a website being well-developed and successful are its usability and utility. Thus, the main aim of this paper is to evaluate a website of a bookshop called Brookline Booksmith by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of its design.

Weaknesses of the Website Design

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Studying the major principles and approaches of developing a website and analyzing if they were applied by the Brookline Booksmith website creators, has demonstrated a large amount of failures and weaknesses of the company’s website. Thus, further explanation will be based on identifying if the website used the ten principles of an effective web design. Moreover, it was checked for the ten failures or so called “usability nightmares”.

The first principle states that a website should not make the viewers think. Looking at the website of Brookline Booksmith, it is quite difficult to understand the purpose of the website when you look at it for the first time. Even though the design itself is quite simple, the headings on the front page do not clearly explain what this site is about. Thus, a visitor will have to read through the large paragraph of words in small font, which denies the principle of effective writing and will probably be skipped by the viewers. The description of flowers and Valentine’s Day confuses the viewers even more. Only at the end it says something about books. The description of Kobo Mini on the front page and the events still make it unclear if the website sells only e-readers or books as well. Another failure of the website is not using visual elements to break the flow of uniform text blocks. Thus, the principle of simplicity is denied as well.

Moreover, the principle of focusing the users’ attention is not successfully applied either. The front page has too many images and text with not many things standing out and bringing attention. Thus, it does not focus the users’ attention on something specific, but requires them to read everything in order to find important details.

The website does not have a clear structure and it is difficult to differentiate the links from the rest of the text. The menu on top of the page looks like a picture with no links.

The principle of leaving some white space is not applied on this website which seems to have every bit of it occupied with too much information, different size and format of words or pictures. Furthermore, the principle of communicating effectively is not met, since the layout is not clear, the front page has too many elements and options, and the information is not presented on one page in a convenient format. It is too long and requires scrolling down. Additionally, it uses more than 18 words and 50-80 characters per line that is not recommended by the web design principles.

Moreover, the website does not have a conventional design, and every page of it has a different structure that is absolutely confusing and disorienting for the visitors.  

Strength of the Website Design

This website has a few strengths. First, it does not require visitors to insert their personal information like e-mail address or set up an account to view it or use some features.

Second, the design of some pages other than the front page offers quite clever and easy way to understand navigation. Moreover, there are not any pop-ups on the website, the space for logging in is easy to find, and the content blocks are not layering upon each other.


Overall, the design of the site is very confusing and leaves many questions in viewers’ minds. The website is difficult to navigate and find the needed information which makes it unpleasant to use. Thus, its design is not efficient and will not attract many visitors.

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