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Free Example of Ex-Employees Turn to Cyber Crime after Layoffs Essay

Nowadays, there are more and more examples of data breaches and high-tech crimes that are mainly explained with the slumping economy. Moreover, national unemployment rates are extremely high nowadays, and some individuals see no other way out as to commit a crime. Inability to find a work is believed to be the main reason for personal data thefts and other types of high-tech crimes. There are also cases when people had a large number of re-encoded credit cards or sold pirated copies of certain programs, such as Adobe Design, for instance, in order to earn at least some money, and were under investigation because of this matter. Moreover, cyber-security researches show that nearly every corporation has at least once, but dealt with an issue of internal data breaches and serious data-losses. One of the recent surveys also revealed that more than 50 percent of the individuals saved and kept confidential business data after leaving the business.

I agree that nowadays crime should be perceived not only as personal behavior, but also as a particular societal issue as modern working conditions are not always good, and sometimes, they really leave much to be expected. This story showed that some employees face poor working conditions and also live in the constant fear to get fired or to receive large penalties. In my opinion, this is not acceptable for a good working atmosphere, and such working conditions cause too much undesired stress that can consequently result in crime.

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