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Nowadays the profound changes of the lives of contemporary citizens are much dependable on the modern technologies and their development. New normal is becoming a cliché for billions of people all over the world. For example, an abundance of people use computers every day but flying cars are just going to become such a norm. A century ago, a computer could be described in one of the fantast novels whereas ordinary people could not even understand what it is like and what its functions are. The new normal is an issue which in that or another way influences the life of ordinary people.

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As a rule, the influence is quite positive as those technologies can not help being useful for people. If a device is not considered to be beneficial, it does not become a new normal. In this case, people are oblivious to use it. Applying to the example of flying cars, it is obvious that they can become a new norm because of their convenience. For instance, using them people do not waste their time in heavy traffic. On the other hand, flying cars are in future while the positive effect of modern technologies is evident.

One of such examples is information and communicative technologies. Such new norms are the usage of the cell phones or TV-sets. By means of the cell phones, people have become more approachable to each other whereas a TV-set is an inevitable part of the process of entertainment. What is more, the direct functions of this new normal have a considerable influence on numerous families, especially children. In their case, cell phones have a function of a, so to say, teacher. Using a cell phone makes children “learn the special need to modulate their voice when speaking”. It is a significant issue for them as they learn how to communicate with others not only in the live conversation. It influences their future life and their ways of communication with others as, soon, they understand that the telephone communication differs much from the one all people have already been used to, and this difference lies upon the lack of any non- verbal communicative means.

Furthermore, information and communicative technologies influence the ways of bringing up children as “more democracy and effort to involve children in decisions may partly explain the greater leniency shown in efforts to control children’s use of ICTs such as TV”. In spite of the fact that this impact of the abovementioned technologies is quite indirect, their integral role in social construction of the family and bringing up children is obvious.     

Another aspect of the influence of high technologies is the educational one. Obviously, digital revolution made people find “information from trillions of sources” (Kassing, 2010). This is the reason why they can improve either their background or professional knowledge any time they want to. Moreover, nowadays, people all over the world have an opportunity to share any pieces of information they want to. It gives an added gloss not only to their educational level but also has a considerable impact on the life of the whole country as, in this way, even international relationships become closer whereas ordinary employees become more productive at their work. The situation with professional competence can also be improved by new normal as “competence means that personnel have the knowledge, skills, and experience”. This fact is one of the principal prerequisites of the success in the career of any employer or employee; at the same time, either white-collars or blue-collars are provided an opportunity not to waste their time. In this way, the positive side of technologies is that they have a chance to have much more free time.

Taking into consideration the fact that such new norms as the Internet make the communication easier even for those who live in different continents, the improvement of professional skills is also possible by means of exchanging some experience with other specialists.

On the other hand, such kind of communication can cause several psychological problems for people all over the world as, nowadays, it is becoming more appropriate to prefer communication in social nets rather than to put face to a name. In most cases, it makes people more lonely and secretive. In their everyday life, such active users of this new normal have numerous problems with live communication, and it becomes a complicated thing for them to meet new people and make friends with them. This is the reason why the usage of the abovementioned new normal must be limited for each person in order to prevent any negative consequences.

Another problem which is caused by the high technologies is the cultural lag. In accordance with the theory of cultural lag, the evolvement of some technologies can be adjusted by the society whereas, in some cases, such profound changes are not accepted by it. “Ogburn argued that new technologies create problems in other aspects of a culture that must be accommodated. The period between the technological change and the new adjustments is the cultural lag” (Kornblum and Smith, 2007). The proof of the correctness of this theory is television. The new norm was adjusted by the society when a cable and a TV-set were invented, but the programs which had to be broadcast were not chosen in the correct way. Those programs which could be watched on television had a negative impact on the cultural and social life of citizens.

In spite of this, society can not be guaranteed any development without the adjustment of some kinds of the new norms. First of all, it is noteworthy to admit that “the growing need of our society to adopt  emerging technologies into all aspects of business and economic activity, moving towards innovative solution to research problems, and thus resulting in high performance system” (Pablos, 2011). Furthermore, if no new normal is accepted, the mankind will develop neither in the negative nor in the positive way. The absence of any technological innovations is a step back, and this is why there are no reasons to adopt such strategy. What is more, people should support the adjustment of numerous high technologies.

It is of incredible significance for some medical innovations as “the adoption of medical innovations may have a long-lasting impact and may be difficult in reverse”. The influence of the medical technologies is more than considerable as the live’s quality of billions of people is dependent on these technologies. Such kinds of technologies are important for disabled people, as well. For instance, “high technology communication instruments, such as eye tracking, can be an extremely important possibility to reintroduce these patients in their family and social life, in particularly when they suffer severe disability”. It is evident that this new medical normal also affects  the personality of the disabled person, his/her relationships with the members of his/her family, relatives and friends. As a rule, communication comprises not only exchanging some pieces of information but also one of the most significant needs of any person. Moreover, numerous lives are saved by means of the modern technologies which have already become a new normal both for doctors and patients.  

In conclusion, it is necessary to state that a new normal can have a positive impact on the lives of people irrespective of their nationality, mentality or race. To begin with, high technologies make people closer to each other; they have an impact on the relationships between the members of the family, friends and acquaintances. In spite of the fact that some new norms have a lot of drawbacks such as cultural gaps and loneliness of their users, they can be avoided by the means of taking into account such various factors which are the prerequisites of the negative influence of a new normal. What is more, technologies help people to become more professional in the industry they work in. Finally, modern medical technologies improve the standards of living of disabled people who desire to lead a productive life. This is the reason why citizens of the countries all over the world should do their best in making everything possible to develop new norms.

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