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A friend is defined as a cooperative and a supportive relationship between different people. In this regard, the term friendship connotes an interaction and relation involving mutual knowledge and the esteem of feelings of assisting and being there for one another during times of needs and crises as well as times of rejoicing. There are different kinds of friends depending on the intimacy of the friendship. There are often true friends, fake friends and general friends.

True friends

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A true friend is a friend who is there for the other in times of needs crises as well as times of rejoicing. In most cases, some friends gets busy once they realize that their fellows are in crises and are unwilling to help. In this regard, a true friend will omit his duties for the sake of their friends. For example, a true friend may stop going or taking a meal to give a hand to a needy friend. True friendship is often said to be sweet and rare to find.

Fake friends

Fake friends, also called false friends are people who are there to be seen with others but have no feeling for each other. A fake friend may not omit his duties to offer a hand to a friend in need. For example, a fake friend may have information that a friend is sick, but will not stop doing what is doing to take the sick friend to the hospital. Fake friendship is so often in different communities as people are together during time of rejoicing but none is seen with the other in times of crises or needs.

General friends

General friendship is a common form of friendship. People living together, in the same environ are regarded as friends because they may need each other though none cares what the other is going through unless one is asked to help. General friends may move together hold talks, eat together but there is limits especially when it comes to privacy matters.


Friendship is an important aspect in the society. Its always good for one to distinguish in which category their friends fall in because the might depend on fake friends in time of crises and have no help in return. The three categories of friends given above depend on the friendís behavior because that is the major determinant of which category one falls under.†

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