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Unless one is a resident of the State of California, one would be forgiven for not realizing that the November elections could far great effects than who seats in office. I am referring the contentious Proposition 37 that advocates for labeling of foods that are genetically modified. Legislative decisions in California have always had a great effect on national politics-think auto emission standards and smoking bans. It is for this reason that the foods and agricultural sectors are investing millions to see that this legislation does not go through in California. According to Goodfriend, supporters of this initiative say that labeling GMOs will serve to provide consumers with valuable information while detractors claim that it will bring unnecessary confusion and additional costs in food.

At least 70% of processed foods in the US contain some genetically modified ingredients, with 88% of corn and 93% of soy modified in labs (Institute for Responsible Technology; Philpott ). This statistics are startling, especially after considering that we might be consuming this food stuffs without even knowing it.  The current US legislations do not mandate manufacturers to disclose which food stuffs are genetically modified unlike their European counterparts (California Official Voter Information Guide 54-57).The initiate aims at adding this regulation in the State of California and the majority of the population seems to be favoring this stand.

One of the major stakeholders in this initiative is the Monsanto Corporation which is the worlds leading producer of genetically modified foods. According to Dr. Mercola, this company was voted as the world’s worst company last year by the Natural Society- for its involvement in threatening both human and environmental wellbeing. This is a popular sentiment that is also shared by Brian Tobar, who observes that the corporation has been working tirelessly to consolidate the global seed market for seeds that will result in the production of only infertile seedling by the end of the farming cycle. This is the major drawback GMOs offers to farmers as they would not be able to save seeds from year to year forcing them to purchase new seeds from Monsanto annually. (California right to know; Stone & Ready).

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The Institute for Responsible Technology, a science based initiate, has actively participated in the campaign against GMOs in our diet. According to them, buying non-GMO not only has a negative impact on an individual’s health but also has an impact on the buying decisions of food retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Food manufactures globally have also switched to the non GM ingredients following calls from their consumers (Mercola; Williams).

If the proposition is adopted, it would create some drawbacks to the public. One is the increase of grocery bills by at least $400 annually and taxes by millions. Additionally, this would open doors to new lawsuits that would allow trial lawyers to sue farmers and grocers without any proof (No to 37).

In spite of these revelations, saying yes to Prop 37 is the only way that we can ensure that as consumers we are protected through consuming foods that are clearly labeled. Passing this proposition in the State is not just about protecting the people of California, but is also a message to the rest of the Nation on the truth behind Genetically Modified Organisms.

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