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The key factors of running a successful business are an effective system of management and strategy to govern it. Governance in this context mainly means control over the decision making process and employees who are responsible to inspect the performance of the projects through close monitoring and evaluation of firm’s development strategy. According J. Kooiman (2003), governance majors on how decision making powers can be distributed in the organizations among every employee, who are considered to be useful and bring benefit to business.

The main purpose of governance is to make sure that issues are performed in a professional way, and its decisions are implemented by a responsible person (Stoker, 1991). The overall manager of the  firm, for example, should not give the IS professionals the task of  designing the system software or software package without being involved directly, since this is a shift of the role (Kooiman, 2003). On the other hand, the IS personnel should not set the business strategy, but they are encouraged to suggest the technologies to implement the set strategy. The firm should also pay attention to the security matters, since customers’ information should be kept confidential (Kooiman, 2009).

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Governance is advantageous since everything is done systematically and is closely monitored by the overall manager (Bell, 2002). The roles are well distributed, and each profession assumes his/her allocated duty. The final results of employees’ performance are successful since one assumes the duty at best.. There is also a well-organized network between the managers, the IS, and other departments (In Pierre, 2000).

The best type of governance is the combination of both centralization and decentralization models. It embraces the advantages occurring at the process of running a business and tries to eliminate its setbacks (Evans, 2010). It has synergy to involve professionals cooperating together and compare the effect of their performance working individually.

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