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The subject of gun control has generated numerous political and social debates that are related to the availability and restrictions placed on firearms on the territory of the United States. In the American politics, gun restriction and control law has always been one of the most intractable and controversial issues. Opinion polls and repeated surveys show that the majority of American citizens believe that everyone should have a constitutional right to own a gun. However, another part of citizens supports a stricter enforcement of the prevalent gun control laws. The efficacies of the constitutional actions that constitute the federal regulation on the use of firearms have been promoted through various gun control laws. These laws have been practiced since the beginning of the twentieth century. However, the comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons of gun control still remain a constant topic for debate.

Assault weapons and law enforcement:

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After several high profile mass murders and attacks on law enforcement that involved the use of military weapons, the congress enacted a federal assault ban in 1994. The ban expired in 2004 and was not given any consideration by congress; it was, in fact, against the wishes of most law enforcement officers of the country. Today the officers are outgunned by the criminals who are armed with modern weapons. The Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007 denies the common citizen right for owning assault weapons. This came as a huge relieve to law officers, who have many times found themselves outgunned by criminals, who have an access to better and destructive assault weapons.

Wrongful death suits against police departments:

Both in the setting of the court or in the setting that imitates the court, a coronerís inquest, the relatives and members of families of the people who were accidentally killed by the workers of police force proved to have no feeling of relief. This is easy to explain, but the greatest problem is a need to prevent such cases from happening in the future. Thus, those who are on the side of the officers argue that the police workers should not be responsible for the accidental deaths that occur because of their use of guns in emergent situations. On the other hand, critics state that the killing of innocent people could be avoided in case a proper law and regulation system was developed. They also argue that officers should be responsible for using guns, especially when this use causes deaths of innocent citizens.

The facts speak for themselves, in over 142 fatal killings in the las-Vegas valley in the last 20 years, not a single case has returned a verdict adverse to the police. In 90 percent of the cases, the verdict was justified unanimously. An analysis of all the local lethal and the non-lethal shootings shows that the percentage of cases when the lawsuit was applied is never more than 10 per cent.

Gun detection technology

For many years, detectives have tried to distinguish gun-carrying citizens in the crowd. They have had to rely on street smarts, observation and luck, such methods where often fruitless and left the police officers and the detectives frustrated. Advancements in technology have now assisted the police officers and saved them the human efforts. The department of defense and the local policing departments are working together to develop a device that would be able to detect concealed weapons at a distance (Koper & Roth, 2001). †Thus, technology comes as a tool that reverses the infrared mapping through reading the energy produced by people and pinpointing where flow is blocked by an object such as a concealed gun.

Iv. Pros & Cons of tighter gun restrictions:

Crime, criminals and access to assault weapons :

The main argument presented on this side is the fact that guns are lethal weapons which have their main functions of killing. Therefore, the fewer people posses a gun, the better and safer it becomes for everyone. If firearms became less prevalent in the society, then criminals would have more difficulty in laying their hands on them. This would create a lesser possibility of the firearms getting into the wrong hands of children or teenagers.

Gun cultures such as shooting sports, hunting or any other cultures that legitimize and glamorize unnecessary ownership of guns can inurement ordinary people to fatal effects of guns and the firearms. Through tighter gun restrictions, there will be a stricter check on all ownership of firearms and the number of firearms manufactured. The immediate result of this will be the reduction in the number of crimes and lesser death from incidences of theft.

Law abiding citizens:

It is obvious that the ownership and possession of guns, in a part of the American culture and the banning of guns or their prohibition, will not make them disappear or any less dangerous. However, for their own protection, that of their family and property it is a legitimate right of the citizens to own weapons.

In any case, it should be realized that the society will not become a safer place by the restriction of gun ownership. This is because guns do not kill people, but people are the ones who kill people. In a majority of the cases involving guns and firearms, the weapon used is not legally acquired nor is it registered; it is either a smuggled weapon or one that has been stolen from the legitimate owner. A part of the law gives the citizens a freedom to own guns, but at the same time, there is an amendment that complicates the conditions that are needed to own a gun. Thus, the citizens often feel that their rights are violated.

The gun show loophole:

The gun show loophole is a unique method used to get around the law by using gun shows. The gun show is an exhibition where firearms, firearm accessories and other weapons are put up on display and sold to willing customers. This creates a loophole where criminals can take a chance and purchase weapons and then use them for criminal activities.

The gun show loophole is seen as a part of American culture; however, many have a negative approach to the show. They say that this kind of shows promote the trade of weapons, making the guns and the firearms available to many people.

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