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Maintaining of a healthy body weight appears to be a privilege and a matter of strong will in the modern world. People have too many temptations because of the large variety of junk food. Moreover, modern lifestyles do not leave much time for exercising or cooking healthy food at home. Thus, many persons struggle with keeping fit and healthy, although the question arises why this rule does not work the same for everyone.

People are different that is why their organisms work in different ways. Some ones always need to be aware of what they eat while others never diet or exercise, but have no problems with extra weight due to quick metabolism or other peculiarities. However, there are universal suggestions on how to have a healthy body. Hence, eating habits are the main things to be taken into account. Certain kinds of food should be limited or completely excluded from our diets. For instance, crisps and fast food satisfy crave, although they often make us feel miserable due to the high amounts of fats, carbohydrates, sugar, and other dangerous substances they contain.

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Popular magazines, Internet, and scientific articles advice on how to have a perfect body. Thus, it was not easy to choose one approach. Nevertheless, I had decided on the diet plan that I would personally have chosen and would have advised to others. The idea of this approach is to count calories and keep physical activeness. It recommends consuming approximately 1600 calories a day for women and no less than 1800 calories for men creating a 20% calorie deficit that would result in weight loss. Keeping physically active is another constituting factor to this diet.

Thus, I believe that watching over your diet is not the only key to success. Maintaining of a healthy body also requires being physically active. Additionally, poor body image and stress also affect our body weight but work differently for people. They can lead to depression making it more difficult to get a desired shape or motivate to lose weight actively.

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