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HIV and AIDS pandemic continue to undermine development across the globe (Gray, 2004). This is possible since the pandemic lowers the ability of people to contribute towards increasing productivity. Consequently, I propose a project to increase HIV and AIDS awareness through counseling and testing.

Purpose of the project

1. To build capacity of the community to provide counseling and testing

To realize this objective, training caregivers on counseling by experienced counselors is planned. Using the organization's current experience, GOHEPO intends to use its existing networks and proven strategies. In reference to networks, the church is expected to assist. GOHEPO also aims at extending support services to help caregiver groups within the community. Through establishing caregiver support groups and using churches, psychosocial support would be realized.

2. To increase knowledge of partners' HIV status

Knowing one's status is valuable in the fight against HIV/AIDS due to several reasons. For instance, if the results are negative, the person in question is advised on how to avoid falling victim to the epidemic. On the other hand, if the person tests positive, s/he is informed on how to live positively. In this case, the bottom-line is empowering individuals to take control of their lives.

Despite the indisputable value that arises from knowing one's status by seeking counseling and testing, people still refuse to do so voluntarily. As such, GOHEPO has an additional role to play. The organization intends to carry out sensitization campaigns to encourage couples to get counseled and tested in order to establish their statuses. The organization would seek to disabuse all notions and beliefs peddled against HIV/AIDS in the pursuit of the goal. In this regard, the organization would demystify positive status, encourage HIV positive couples, and persuade the community to accept those affected by the virus.

3. Increase male partner testing

Aggleton, et al (2000) supports the view that several years down the line, some people still find difficulties to go for counseling and testing. Specifically, the male section of the society seems to be unmoved to seek counseling and testing services. Based on this realization, GOHEPO has a responsibility of examining the situation and devising mechanisms to change these negative attitudes held by men.

Having several partners is a common trend that heavily encourages the spread of HIV. The married people also fall into the category that is affected by several partners-relationships. This poses a danger since infection rates are increased and spouses of such partners face the risk of contracting the virus. It is thus necessary to encourage men to seek counseling and testing services in order to establish their statuses and empower them. Additionally, men hold the idea that the virus is more common in women. They thus avoid seeking counseling and testing services. It is also worth noting that stigmatization is real. As such, people fear about being tested to establish their statuses. Such fears and beliefs impede the successful combat of the spread of the epidemic. As such, GOHEPO intends to carry sensitization and awareness campaigns to persuade people to seek counseling and testing services.

Target population

The project targets couples within the community. The main goal of this project entails improving couple counseling and testing and promoting knowledge of sexual partner HIV status. This presents an important step in the war against HIV/AIDS since, in the recent times, the prevalence of the epidemic among couples seems to be on the rise. This would help in combating the pandemic since awareness empowers people to lead healthier lives. Through counseling and testing, victims are able to overcome the nature of the stigma associated with people who are HIV positive.


At the conclusion of the project, GOHEPO expects to register an increase in the number of couples that voluntarily seek counseling and testing by 3 000. This outcome will be determined and assessed from the voluntary counseling centers. Similarly, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the approaches employed will be carried out in order to refine them with a view to attaining the project goal and objectives. Secondly, since, the organization seeks to increase knowledge of partners' HIV status, it is expected that at the end of the exercise, at least, an additional 20percent of households would understand the value of knowing their statuses. This is also expected to increase the number of male partner testing by the same percentage at the conclusion of the program.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the organization intends to devout its financial and social resources to the fullest. In addition, GOHEPO will seek assistance from fully established support groups such as religious groups, public networks and individual support groups. In order to ascertain whether the intended objectives are met, the organization will look at the number of couples that seek counseling and testing, due to the activities of the proposed project. In furtherance to this, records of those infected showing any assistance accorded  are to be kept. This record will also show individuals that the organization refers to other organizations and those referred to the organization by others.

The cost or budget justification

The budget has adopted the set guidelines by the HIV-AIDS combat authorities. Thus, 85% or more of the total funds will be allocated directly to program beneficiaries while 15% will go to administration costs. The figures are as per the retail prices of the inputs in the market. The organization intends to elect VCT centers 8 times a month in designated areas for 6 months, having 3 counselors per day paid at a rate of $2000 each. This adds to $226, 000. The organization will set aside $360, 000 for hiring venues. This is at the rate of &3000 per venue for 12 days. VCT tents are estimated to be hired at a cost of $3000 for 10 days. There will also be expenses incurred amounting to $15, 500, to buy miscellaneous items such as cotton wool, grooves, surgical spirit, etc. These funds are to be used during testing.

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