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The human genomic project is of one of the biggest scientific project which was a collaboration of many nations. The work involved extensive research and most of the workers there worked a lot of hours with some of the shift workers working at night. Due to the implications of the night shift jobs the work might have involved a lot of work mostly caused by the human workers errors. The project had an upper hand due to the current technology advances and some of the workers might have had an opportunity to work at night from their homes and thus decreasing loneliness and increasing their interaction with their families. The night shift workers are required to exercise some strategies which help in improving the drawback caused by the night shift. One of the major strategies used is the organizational approach which involves primarily designing shift schedules which reduce the health and safety problems.† This might include rapid shift rotations where different shifts are done every two or three days. This might reduce disruption to body rhythms because the readjustment of the circadian rhythm is minimised. The workers involved in the huge projects might have been working in these shifts and then resting causing their circadian rhythms not being disrupted and hence working effectively throughout the entire project.

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Enlightening the workers on the effect of the shift jobs is important to enable the worker to practice some practices like stress reduction since stress is one of the results of the night shift effects. The workers working at night and shifts need proper facilities which help the shift worker to cope better. This might involve good lighting and ventilation on all the shifts and also the workstations should not be widely separated in order for the night shift workers to remain in contact with one another. This is helpful since the workers interact during work discouraging boredom and loneliness. In these huge projects the environment was up to standards resulting in the workers coming up with good results since their performance does not deteriorate with night shifts. The workers are also encouraged to take balanced diets since the nutritional needs of the day workers and the night workers differ. General physical fitness is encouraged and the provision of relaxation equipment in the workplace is encouraged especially for the night shift workers. Exercise should be done at the proper time and discouraged before going to sleep since it increases alertness making falling asleep difficult. The workers should be allowed to choose the shift which is best suited for them.

The nurses shift work can not be avoided since of the emergency cases and the need to monitor some patientís full time but the implications caused by the night shifts can be minimised or avoided when the proper strategies are implemented.

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