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In most cases, work is a purposeful activity of people, aimed at the creation of material and cultural values. Labor is a basis and prerequisite of human activity. Making an impact on the environment, changing and adapting it to their needs, people do not only provide their own existence, but also create conditions for the development and progress, of a society. There are a lot of proverbs and sayings that talk about the importance of work. For example, “Without labor there is no fruit”, “If you want to have the rolls – do not sit on the stove”, “Work perfects a master”, and others. However, are they really true? In which way does labor benefit humans? Let us think about this issue together.

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Let us take at least a school. This is a simple first educational institution which basically forms a personality. In each class, there are children who study well and those who study badly. How do you think, why? In fact, first of all, some children do all their homework, and all exercises that a teacher asked to do at home. They work really hard in order to get good and often excellent assessment. I agree it happens that some people are just lucky enough to receive some good marks for nothing, just for doing nothing and being luckier than the others. Well, it happens sometimes. However, most children get ready for their tests in order to write them well; they prepare for exams in order to pass them well.

What is more, there is no need to look for some high standard examples to prove it. I can tell about myself. It is not a secret that at school I had classes which I loved, and classes I could not force myself to attend. Surely, the first ones I studied and attended with joy. The second category consisted of those classes I would prefer not to attend. For example, English literature – it seemed to me the worst subject that exists at all. I almost did not understand the lesson, but because, frankly, I did not do homework. I received bad grades, and did not inform my parents being afraid that they would punish me. However, when I got my report card, they still saw my results and decided that I needed to learn English literature individually. Unsurprisingly, I was worried because I thought that it would be the same as at school. Still, a teacher was quite different. She did not punish me with bad grades, but only corrected me when she saw an error. In addition, she explained everything she taught me. As a result, I began to get better grades than before. My conclusion from my childhood experience is simple: once you start working – you see the results of your efforts. Consequently, our efforts lead to our success in the future.

So why do we start working from early childhood? In fact, everyone wants to hurry in finishing school, graduating, getting a good job and having a family. Thus, at school and during higher education there are barely any problems. Then, looking for a good job is a much more difficult task. Still, what does a good job mean?

In the understanding of most people, a good job is a job that provides sufficient income, which is enough to support a family, its leisure and entertainment. This work leaves enough time for communication with a family; plus, it is interesting and exciting. Of course, usually work is not absolutely good since the higher earnings, then, usually, the lesser time a person has to rest and chat. What is more, even the most interesting work for creative individuals with time can turn into boring routine.

In order not to spend the whole life in a fruitless search for an elusive good job simple rules of life should be followed, the most important of which is prioritizing. Yes, it is impossible to find a job which meets all requirements. However, it is possible to highlight the most important features and focus on them, automatically discarding those factors that could be sacrificed. If salary is important, a person should be prepared to sacrifice the free time; and vice versa: if a free schedule is on the first place, one should be prepared to tighten the belts.

Undoubtedly, it is not enough to look for a good job: an applicant must meet the requirements of a very prospective employer. For example, one can identify what additional knowledge may be required for a chosen position; consequently, a person should engage in self-education and attend training courses. What is more, any job should be treated heartedly: who knows, maybe you will wake up an interest in it, and you will become a new genius of web design, marketing, or public speaking.

Overall, getting a good job is not easy, it requires a lot of work, a lot of weighing all pros and cons. Still, the result is worth it, and you will not have to live regretting misspent years on the hated work and in the disliked team. In conclusion, there are many people and many minds. As well, there are just as many desires, characters and abilities. Therefore, information from your friend that this work is great and the other is foolish, hard, crazy, etc., cannot be accepted as appropriate for you. There is no absolute truth. It turns out that good work is different for every personality: this is a specific work activity which should be chosen individually.

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