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Mena (2009) points out that it is important for education professionals to appreciate all the different developing stages of toddlers. This paper reflects the constant quest of Olivia to gain independence.  The paper, through six points, will illustrate means through which an educator can assist Olivia attain her desire.

One of the key issues is to develop an appropriate environment to aid Olivia. Its design should give her an opportunity to explore and try different things. Key in such design is the element of safety. This is through climbing, pushing, poling, prodding and other independent movements. Since Olivia is attempting to a sense of herself, an educator thus should encourage her to take responsibility over herself wherever possible. Another way of empowering Olivia is by offering her choices. This would range from toys, books and even her means and learning centres.

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The lack of speech at this stage makes it paramount to study their feelings. Correction her acts of frustrations when Jacob took her toy should be with gentleness. Mena points out that there is need to take control of such situations for all the children involved. There should however be limits to which Olivia can exercise their empowerment. The limits are also safety measures and should be tested to ensure conformity.

Community resources are also vital in the empowerment of toddlers like Olivia in their quest for independence. A leading example in such resources is the Michigan Alliance for Families. It provides information that can assist families that faces all kinds of issues dealing with sorts of parenting issues.

By applying these methods, the six key points of empowering Olivia’s quest for independence, as well of any toddler her age would be improved. Notably, the need to endeavour collaborative partnership between the parents and teachers to assist toddlers gain their autonomy they so seek cannot be belittled.

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