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Free Example of Internet Security Essay

In general sense, immense development of the Internet and its effective penetration into the whole life of the modern person might be regarded as a prominent highlight in the history of the human society. However, the Internet is not to be readily regarded as “some large wonderful safe place to send and receive data”; rather, it is the boundless virtual environment which preserves both great opportunities and great risks for an average user. In this respect, since no computer in the Internet can be entirely secure from possible attacks, the issue of Internet security appears to be highly relevant. In the recent time numerous services related to the issue of Internet security have been designed, and among them there are some distinct services which tend to demonstrate the factual capability to confront the fraudulent activity in the Internet. Even though the hacking might expose itself in a variety of different ways, those services continuously develop effective counterhacking instruments and thus actually deserve closer attention.

Services Related to the Issue of Internet Security

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team [US-CERT] appears to function as the national coordination centre for the constant supervision of the issues of Internet security and its particular manifestations. As it is stated on the home page of their website, the mission of US-CERT is “to improve the nation’s cybersecurity posture, coordinate cyber information sharing, and proactively manage cyber risks to the nation while protecting the constitutional rights of Americans”. Basically, US-CERT tries to collect respective information for home users, business users, government users and control system users, which is to provide them with capability to maintain the sufficient level of their data security while being connected to the Internet. More specifically, it is the National Cyber Awareness System that grants users with substantial opportunities to maintain high level of Internet security. The operation of that system appears to be based on monitoring of the current activities, generating alerts about vulnerabilities and incidents, composing weekly bulletins that summarize the recent security risks and rendering various tips which might allow the users to improve their general awareness regarding the issues of Internet security. Besides, US-CERT provides every user with capability to report a particular cyber incident or software vulnerability, and once such report is submitted, the US-CERT’s specialists promptly investigate the issue, apply adequate measures to get it resolved and disseminate the corresponding notice among other users so as to make them prepared for coping with such sort of issues in the future.

National Vulnerability Database

National Vulnerability Database is the specialized resource which functions as the U.S. government’s storage of miscellaneous vulnerability data. Unlike the aforementioned US-CERT’s website, National Vulnerability Database seems to be oriented predominantly on the narrow audience of experts in the field of software administration, which might be looking for some specific data related to the issues of Internet security. National Vulnerability Database provides such audience with comprehensive statistics on the existing vulnerabilities, security checklists, security related software flaws, misconfigurations, product names, impact metrics and delivery of such information is altogether said to be highly conducive to automation of vulnerability management, security measurement and compliance. Generally speaking, National Vulnerability Database is not likely to provide an average user with substantial assistance in resolving the internet security issues due to their considerable complexity and exceedingly high level of expertise. Nevertheless, such database appears to be essential for any professional who is concerned with the proper arrangement of the Internet security system, either for corporate or for the governmental use.

Security Tracker

Security Tracker is another large database which collects identified software vulnerabilities in order to prevent unauthorized internet intrusions. The peculiarity of Security Tracker lies in the fact that the whole array of vulnerability records is organized into separate categories, which improves the usability of the website to a significant extent. Each of those categories includes a set of subcategories which clarify the way in which any particular security issue might be identified and explored with the use of the database. Security Tracker allows users to easily navigate throughout its comprehensive database and retrieve exactly those pieces of information which correspond to the issue that the user is being concerned with at the moment. In this respect Security Tracker can be regarded as an effective resource which might be useful for any user who has been confronted by the issue of Internet security.


SecuriTeam website proposes a great variety of articles and exploits related to the topic of Internet security. However, it needs to be mentioned that navigation throughout the website is much more complicated in comparison with Security Tracker, which is due to the absence of any clear pattern of classification applied to the database that the website contains. As far as SecuriTeam website is concerned, the investigation of some particular issue has to be accomplished solely on the basis of typical search form which seems to be not very convenient for the user, especially if there is a huge number of results given in regard to a specific key word. Despite the fact that navigation throughout the website’s database is rather difficult, SecuriTeam appears to be sufficiently effective in context of providing general information that might improve the users’ knowledge on software vulnerabilities. In this respect, SecuriTeam has a corporate blog which is updated frequently and oriented towards presenting some theoretical generalizations regarding the issues of Internet security which are being developed on the basis of vast collection of empirical cases in which security of the user’s personal data was threatened by malicious third party software. As a matter of fact, the regular reading of SecuriTeam’s blog seems to be capable of letting the user discover some basic principles of Internet security which are not to be clarified solely by the endless arrays of the vulnerabilities’ database, and this feature appears to be exceedingly important as far as it regards the strengthening of the users’ capability to deal with cyber attacks.

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Secunia is the comprehensive commercial service that includes all necessary instruments for assuring ultimate Internet security. The Secunia’s website offers an opportunity to either download specialized anti-malware software for free or inspect the user’s computer online so as to identify any vulnerabilities that might present risks to the computer’s security. Even though the full versions of Secunia’s products have to be purchased, aforementioned services might be helpful at least in clarifying whether the user’s computer needs professional treatment or not. Apart from that, Secunia encourages joining the corporate community within which various advisories, factsheets and reminders are spread on a regular basis. Services provided by Secunia are said to be demanded by many well-known companies, such as Siemens, Commerzbank and Areva, which need to have their corporate infrastructures perfectly secured in order to maintain the stable mode of operation. As it is emphasized on the website, with the help of Secunia’s solutions their customers can rapidly handle emerging threats, complex IT security risks, security audits and compliance audits across industries and sectors.


HackerWatch is said to serve as an anti-hacker community which keeps detecting factual matters of unauthorized intrusion, fishing and virus campaigns. Basically, HackerWatch tries to reduce the number of effective cyber attacks by identifying the exact computers which are being used in order to launch an attack. Once such a computer is identified, the community composes an official request to the respective Internet provider which declares the matter of the computer’s involvement in the illegal activity and asks the provider to block Internet access for that computer in order to prevent further attacks. In this way HackerWatch contributes to narrowing of the scope of occurring cyber attacks and attenuating the harm that those attacks might bring to the Internet users. Remarkably enough that HackerWatch’s website also contains a map of hacker’s global activity which highlights geographical areas that expose the most significant threat to Internet security worldwide.


SecurityFocus is another community dedicated to the issue of Internet security. In fact, there are three main operational areas within the boundaries of which the community’s activity actually takes place. First of all, there is a BugTraq which constantly generates a specific newsletter for further professional discussion of newly detected software vulnerabilities. Then, there is the Vulnerability Database that contains a huge massive of information on existing vulnerabilities. Finally, there are different mailing lists which embrace all topics related to the issue of Internet security. Uncommonly, information on the website is structured in the form of the discussion which typically includes the initial message from the user who has been confused with some security problem and further there are replies to that message from other members of the community, which try to propose an adequate solution. Even though such manner of presentation might be useful for the user to capture the sequential way in which the particular problem can be solved, it is rather complicated to find information on some exact matter since there seems to be no instrument of search throughout the database provided. Nevertheless, the overall efforts of Security Focus in the field of Internet security in no way can be underestimated.


SCMagazin is a resource that provides specialists of the field of Internet security with relevant professional information. The magazine proposes up-to-date news, analytical materials, actual surveys and product reviews, which altogether are to let security specialists stay fully informed about the current state of affairs in the field of Internet security. SCMagazine usually delivers the genuine expertise related to the matters of software vulnerability, and the high quality of the magazine’s materials has been frequently appraised by the American Society of Business Publication Editors and corporate industry leaders. As a matter of fact, SCMagazine seems to be a solid and reliable source of information which explores the issue of Internet security from various angles and proposes a full-scale view on the distinct efforts made in order to reach the substantial progress in that field.

In conclusion, it needs to be highlighted that the issue of Internet security requires the effective and comprehensive efforts so as to get sufficiently resolved. The hackers’ activity might be said to have acquired a substantial scope recently, and the corresponding response from the counterhacking community has to be comparable in its magnitude and factual effectiveness. As Crume (2007) states, once the user discovers the exact manner in which the hacker’s exploit is performed, it does not seem so mysterious anymore and might be easily handled with in the future. In this respect, the productive operation of the aforementioned security services appears to be of extreme importance. Only if such security services continue collecting relevant information out of empirical cases of hacking attacks and keep designing the instruments which can neutralize those attacks, the overall level of Internet security is likely to increase.

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