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The U.S military is one of the most venerated militaries of the world. This is based on the fact that the institution receives massive federal government support that makes it conduct perhaps the most intensive operations. The might of the U.S. military is self-evident. This comes from the various world wars that have been fought through out history: in most cases, the U.S. has emerged the winner. However, there exists debate on whether or not it is an obligation of the citizens to serve in the military especially after completing their university degree. This essay seeks to put forward reasons as to why each university graduate should first join the U.S. military after attaining the university degree. Joining the military is not only a prestigious thing but also an excellent way of serving one’s country that result in the achievement of the American dream.


National security is one of the most important things for any nation. This kind of security is offered by the military. However, the question of security for a super power goes beyond national confines. Since the country has international interests, it must use its military to advance and protect theses interests. In addition, as the most powerful country on earth, U.S. has an obligation to help other countries that are faced with security challenges. This kind of help is only possible if the military is vibrant enough.

It is very important for university graduates to join the military in their first two years of graduation from various institutions of higher learning. In fact, some authorities posit that it should be made an obligation or a mandatory affair. This is because the country belongs to the citizens thus citizens should serve their country. One of the best ways of serving the country is through being a member of the military. This is one of the best ways of giving back to the society because it entails active, not passive, ways of protecting the country against external attacks. These are known to emanate either from the air, land or water. As a result, university graduates are encouraged to join the Air Force, the Navy or the Army. Additionally, it is a prestigious thing to join the military. It feels good to be part of the world’s best military. Thus as a matter of prestige and pride, university graduates should join the U.S. military during their first few years.

Increasing of Global Insecurity

As a super power, the U.S. government has a moral as well as civil obligation to help in curbing terrorism. However, since September 11 2001, the war against terrorists has taken a new direction. It has called for enhanced techniques as well as a need for many soldiers. In order to get the required soldiers for fighting terrorists, there is a great need for university graduates to be part of the military in order to help the nation in its international obligations. Since there are many universities and other institutions of higher learning offering degrees, it would be easier for the government to get a ready lot of citizens that would help in its missions. Furthermore, anti-terror war has led to the U.S. conducting some of the major operations in the world. In so doing, the country has always found itself in a shortage of soldiers to fight the terrorists wherever they are hiding across the globe. As a result, the government goes ahead to draw soldiers from the general public in a process called the military draft. After this process is accomplished, the country would remain secure and the world will also be a peaceful place. In other worlds, a military draft would contribute to national and international security.

The U.S. military offers one of the best trainings in the world. These trainings are in all fields of specialization. As a result, university students are able to advance their training by augmenting it with practical application of the concepts learnt through out their college days. Since the military cannot train any citizen, it is very important that the graduates and young people join the military in order to benefit from this training. This kind of a program would produce multiple benefits. The first one is that the graduate would be recommended by the military to take up senior government jobs due to the wide array of knowledge and expertise received in the military. They would emerge as reputable professionals and citizens who volunteered their life in serving the nation when it needed them. To the government, there would be a ready pool of people from which to draw soldiers. This would make it easier for the government to plan well for its future security operations.

Types of Security for Those Who Join the Military

There are twofold types of security for those who join the military. The first one is financial security. According to Military, when one joins the U.S. military, he or she should never worry about money. This is because there is compensation or pay during the training as well as handsome salary. In addition, there are immense retirement benefits for the people who retire from the military. Since financial insecurity is one of the greatest fears of this age, people should consider joining the military because such fears will be alleviated. The second type of security is job security. With the increasing economic hardships, there is a need for any person to be sure that his or her job is secure. In the military, as long as one is willing to serve, he or she is assured of the job. There is no need to worry about pay checks because the government takes care of it.

In the last few decades, there has been an immense increase in lifestyle diseases. According to experts, this is because people do not eat healthy foods. Other factors because there is a lot of stress as well leading to lack of sleep. However, a major reason is because people do not exercise. When one joins the military, this problem is dealt with. In the military, there is a wide variety of exercise and physical training. Therefore, military soldiers are always fit and therefore are not able to get lifestyle diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and arthritis.

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There are many other benefits associated with the military. These include free housing and free meals. With the current standards of living, housing has becomes very expensive especially on private arrangements. In the same way, decent and balanced meals have become difficult to come by. These and other challenges are completely catered for once one joins the military. For instance, the military help one to find direction in life. This is based on the fact that one is exposed to so many skills that he or she is assured of finding his or her best fit as opposed to career choices made by one’s parents.

Although joining the U.S. military is beneficial, there are sections of the debate that are opposed to the idea. They purport that the government misuses the young population by subjecting them to precarious situations simply because they are desperate for work. Others claim that such a move would lead to the fact that the government would not be much committed to providing other forms of employment simply because there is the military package for the fresh graduates. Moreover, these arguments may not hold water because there benefits are insurmountable. According to, one who joins the military benefits from medical cover. This means that one will never get bothered of health because the government takes care of it. In addition one is able to travel many parts of the world in a bid to advance international peace. Following the county’s obligation towards global peace, the U.S. sends troops to various parts of the world either under U.N. directive or as individual effort in promoting peace and averting crime. Furthermore, it sounds good to be in the U.S. military anyway. If ones mentions, in a public gathering of people from different races, that he or she is a members of, for instance, the U.S. Army, such a person is highly respected. There is no doubt that the graduate who joins the military has a sense of belonging and a feeling of national identity.


The role of the military is very central in the advancement of national security and global peace. With the rise of international terrorism, there is a need to have reserve forces or even conduct draft recruitment of soldiers into the military. Once people join the military, they enjoy many benefits. These include monetary compensation during the training, while working and good retirement benefits, a wide array of skills and job security. Other includes the fact that one enjoys comprehensive medical cover, international travel, free housing and free meals. Furthermore, there is a sense of national pride, identity and patriotism. Although some authorities have criticized the concept of joining the military after college on grounds of the government’s failure to provide employment for all, the military remains an excellent institution that advances the training and skills of fresh graduates.

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