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Free Example of Learning Outcomes Essay

Course outcomes are statements that indicate what students are expected to know, understand, or do upon successful completion of a module or a program. The following is an example of a course outcome for students in the field of humanity: By the end of their third year in the program, Cultural Studies majors will, on a final exam, be able to describe comprehensively the history, purpose, and ongoing consequences of racial discrimination in America.

The learning outcome created above is cognitive. This is because it is mainly concerned with the intellectual outcomes of the student. Moreover, it employs the six levels of the cognitive domain as described in Bloomís Taxonomy, that is, knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The objective of the learning outcome is to impart the students with the knowledge and the ability to memorise certain facts that they will have learned. Moreover, it requires students to demonstrate a basic understanding of certain ideas that they did not originate. It also requires students to apply concepts and ideas to new and practical situations. Finally, the course outcome requires students to judge the importance of a work, the coherent consistency of printed data and the adequacy of another personís conclusions (Jantan, 2009).

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Different methods of teaching can be more or less effective depending on the learning outcomes being addressed. Nowadays, educators, use different methods of teaching, as course outcomes require many different methods of presentation and implementation for the success of students. Some methods of teaching are lectures, case studies, presentations and research projects. The use of lectures as a method of teaching is meant to disseminate up-to-date knowledge amongst the students. Case studies, on the other hand, develop the capability of the students to use ideas and information. Lastly, presentations and projects aim to develop the studentsí ability to generate and test ideas and evidence (Bourner, 1997).

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