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Free Example of Legal Structure Essay

In the present-day operative environment, legal issues are of critical importance. Shake it Up will ensure that it has a legal desk to cater for its legal requirements. One of the legal issues required for the organization is its registration. Nowadays, the Limited Liability Company (LLC) has become the best known way for small companies to begin working. This is because there are reduced tax responsibilities and limited burden levels in the company. Shake It Up will be registered as an LLC. According to Kavaler and Spiegel, LLCs have more security of their personal responsibility in times of liabilities.

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The healthy foods industry has not been able to escape the tidal wave of litigation that has overwhelmed the United States. Healthy food entrepreneurs have needed waivers and releases, risk management services, and liability insurance to protect themselves from financial disaster at the hands of an unhappy member and his or her lawyer. The most exacting claims seemed to occur in the area of lifestyle diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis and cardiac heart diseases. Shake It Up will use the approach of increased lifestyle diseases to influence legal policies. The business will establish a legal desk whose occupant will give advice on the way cases of clients who claim to have been affected by our foods.

Lastly, Shake It Up will review the county’s policy documents, the constitution of the land and related sources of law to come up with a comprehensive policy. In this policy, we will clarify the boundaries and relationship with other organizations.

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