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Health care system is the organization of institutions, resources and people for purposes of delivering health care services to cater for the health demands of a target population. The main aim of the health care system is ensuring efficient and quality delivery of health care services to the target population. The current health care system does not have all the relevant parties organized together. For this reason, it is ineffective in providing health care services to the target population. Therefore, there is a need to create a policy for a better delivery of health care system.

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An efficient delivery health care system has several advantages in the provision of health care services to the target population. First, it will reduce costs. In this case, insurance companies will be able to evaluate the cost through a network. It will help to reduce the risks. Secondly, it is going to reduce wastes. Through sharing of information in a network to many providers due to integration, there will be no duplication of work. Therefore, this will result in efficient delivering health care services. Thirdly, delivery of health care system ensures deliberation among the different health care providers. Therefore, they will not only provide health care facilities but also offer quality to their patients during health care delivery.

Therefore, the government needs to create a policy that will ensure the provision of quality and efficiency in the health care system. In this case, the first policy is to ensure that the health care system has funds to support it. The government should provide funds for implementing the health care system since it would save significant sums of money. Finally, the government should create a policy for training the relevant parties, which will lead to efficiency and quality in deliverance of health care to the target population.

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