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Free Example of LGBT Reflection Essay

Short Reaction Paper about LGBT

At most times, the world seems to be the setting for mischief, anger and all things negative. Especially when it comes to social rights and activism, someone is always fighting for his or her personal preferences. For the pessimist, the fight towards equal rights, recognition and respect for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender persons is futile and will not end with positive results. However, those with unbiased and positive mindsets will not only envision a bright future for the LGBT community, but they will prove that their activism and diligence continues to result in changing the earth’s international community and history as presently known.

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Criticism of the LGBT Community

Unfortunately for the pessimists and oppressors around the world, history proves that social activism succeeds in the end, no matter how long the struggles last. Specifically for the LGBT community, it has been facing constant criticism for centuries and unfortunately, continues to face harsh criticism in the 21st century. Looking back at the Middle Ages, people were not able to express their sexuality openly for fear of punishments such as getting ridiculed in the community, being labeled or worse death.

Moving on to Germany during Hitler’s Nazi reign, death was still the only “medicine” or “cure” for getting rid of the homophobic disease. The astonishing part is that death continues to be the “punishment” for a crime that is not a crime. In fact, many places around the world, particularly the Middle Eastern and Arab nations consider homosexuality a blatant crime and their constitutions call for death as the ultimate punishment for the difference in sexual preferences.

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Even though history shows us the contempt nations and individuals have for the LGBT community, it also shows us the immense progress the community has made with the help of the social activists who continue to aid their mission. It is astounding that the right to choose your lover or partner must still be seen as a mission; however, this is a truth that people are seeing clearly and overcoming the obstacles in the way to completing the mission.

Perhaps the most impressive achievement in the LGBT activist movement is the fact that people are actually able to talk about their sexuality openly. In fact, there are open forums, LGBT specific social events and settings such as gay bars, and most importantly, international dialogue among communities. The main cause of these accomplishments is the spread of social media and literacy around the world.

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LGBT Community in the Middle East

The news story about the gay Palestinian journalist, SK, furthers clarifies certain concepts in my mind about the LGBT community in the Middle East. Even though the Middle Eastern countries seem strongly against homosexuals, the truth is that they are simply afraid to speak out about it or express their support for the LGBT community because it continues to be a taboo topic in public. Otherwise, the discussions and practices actively take place behind closed doors. Also, I realized that the LGBT community will have to wait its turn for the rights and accomplishments it seeks in the Middle East.

Even though there is an international LGBT rights movement, the specifications vary from country to country. Contrasting the United States of America and Palestine, they are on two opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to human rights and values. The activists in America are frustrated at the pace of their mission and want faster results; whereas, Palestinians are struggling to get basic human rights for their women.

Understanding the concepts learned thus far, the news story further makes me adamant on the idea that it is not necessarily an argument over how long it has taken people to realize that the LGBT community should have equal human rights; however, it is about each culture’s and each nation’s priorities. According to the journalist SK, for Palestine, the priority is to get women equal rights, a landmark which the west reached much earlier. As for the west, the current agenda is to gain equal political recognition for the LGBT community.

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Furthermore, the Middle Eastern nations continue to face the dilemma of state and religion combined. It is a dilemma because the alliance is filled with holes and problems. The Middle Eastern and Arab leaders are not following their religions in their entirety when it comes to daily duties and obligations, yet they refuse to separate them from their statehoods, using religion as an emotional secret weapon with which to suppress taboo issues such as homosexuality. I believe that through mass media, people can be and are willingly being educated about various issues that they could never talk about before. However, I also agree with the Palestinian journalist SK that there is a long to-do list for certain nations, which does not include the LGBT community at the top.

LGBT Reaction Paper Summary

Learning about the Queer culture further made me conclude that there is no need for a separate LGBT community. In this way, we will be going against the very goal of LGBT activism, which is to socially and acceptably integrate homosexuals in mainstream society without crushing their basic human and political rights. Creating boundaries will only push the progress back, as it has done with any other movements like the women’s rights movement and the Blacks Civil Rights Movement. The current step is to keep on educating people about the LGBT community and raising awareness through social media, which has a long way to go in terms of objectively portraying the LGBT community. The news story is proof that history does repeat itself and it is repeating itself as it did in the Civil Rights and Women’s Suffrage movement. Slowly but surely, the Middle Eastern LGBT community is gaining a spotlight.

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