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In the today’s changing and developing world it is very important to be aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses. To build a successful career or just to be satisfied with one’s life in general it is required to assess one’s own preferences in learning styles, find out the effective ways of perceiving information and reflect on this knowledge. After reading the article by Peter Drucker and studying nine intelligences I became more aware of my strengths, values, the way I perform, and the intelligences I possess.

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9 Management Practices of Effective Leaders by Peter Drucker

To begin with, strengths appraisal is one of the most important starting points on the way to success. The idea of using a method of feedback analysis appealed to me greatly as it allows to discover both the areas one is good at and those that are not suitable for the person. Feedback analysis is a tool that suggests writing down every important decision or life change and then reflecting upon it after approximately nine months or a year (Drucker, 1999). The reflective part is especially valuable because people often do not analyze why something was a success or a failure.

Nine Types of Intelligence by Developmental Psychologist Howard Gardener

The article also made me think thoroughly about my intelligences as defined by Dr. Howard Gardner. My personal reflection and analysis of previous achievements led me to the conclusion that there are some spheres that I am really good at while others are not that strong. As for my strongest intelligences, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, and interpersonal ones seem to be developed the most. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, presupposing the ability to use multiple physical skills, describes me well because I have been involved in various sports since the young age. I also enjoy making logical connections between things and like working with numbers, which are the characteristics of the logical-mathematical intelligence. Finally, interpersonal intelligence means the ability to effectively communicate with other people and understand them well. I think this is also one of my strengths as I get a great source of energy from communication and try to be sensitive to others’ needs and feelings.

Furthermore, intrapersonal, linguistic, and existential intelligences are also present in my personality, though they are not as strong as the previous three. Linguistic competence is more or less common for people and means the effective use of language to express one’s ideas or different issues. Expressing myself through oral and written language comes relatively easy to me and I usually don’t have trouble explaining my ideas. Together with interpersonal intelligence the intrapersonal one, the ability to understand one’s inner world, comes as a helpful component. While understanding people is important being aware of oneself is the core for success and a worthy life. This is something I constantly work on and try to develop. The existential intelligence may seem not so important in today’s world, but it helps me a lot when reflecting on some bigger issues of our lives. In fact, it helps to get an insight into everyday situations.

Unfortunately, a person is rarely equally strong in all nine intelligences but all of them still need to be considered. For me, spatial, musical, and naturalist intelligences have always been a bit of a challenge. I have never considered myself lacking a good appreciation for music. However, when I looked more closely into what it really means to possess this intelligence – distinguish certain tones, rhythms, a variety of sounds – I realized that this is not my strength. The similar situation is with naturalist and special ones. While I cannot say that the lack of them impedes me severely in my life, I now understand that some people can receive great result from utilizing them.

Apart from intelligence awareness, one has to know what the most effective way to learn is. As the article discusses, this knowledge can help to move away from ineffective methods and increase the learning results significantly. Personally for me the kinesthetic learning style works best. I receive the most results when I learn something by doing. The lack of action can bore and prevent from internalizing information. However, I am also quite effective at listening and an interesting lecture really stays in my memory for a long time.


To summarize, in the current conditions of competition, labor division, and encouragement to follow one’s dreams it becomes increasingly important to define one’s strong and weak sides. Questions of one’s values, intelligences, learning styles all need to be addressed to draw a satisfactory picture of one’s personality.

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