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The issue of going green has been in all sources of news such as the media, of late the issue of global warming, and its effect has been the main reason for the campaign of going green. Going green is a lifestyle that enhances environment al awareness among human beings. There are several merits of going green such as to save the earth, to save the health of the living things, to save money and in the incentives (Glenn, 2009).

As seen in the effects of global warming, saving the earth is one of the benefits of going green, it is the actions of humans that have contributed to the to the rise in the standard temperature of the earth’s surface, air, and oceans caused by the increase in carbon and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, therefore, it is the responsibility of the same human beings to save the earth (Glenn, 2009).

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Saving the health of the living things is another benefit of going green, most of supplies and chemicals that are used are of harm to the living things, this is due to the cumulative effects that they have. It is healthier to consume organic substances in order to have positive impacts on the personal health (Glenn, 2009).

Going green saves money and improves the economy; this is done from saving of energy in ways such as techniques of increasing the gas mileage on vehicles to switching off of lights when, not in use. Everyone wants to save money and for this reason, they should the initiative of going green more positively. Saving money aids in improving the economy that is in a crucial position, it is the high time that people went green and focusing on the green technologies. In addition, it is logic that being green is better as it improves the quality of life (Glenn, 2009).

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