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When one is well equipped with the right information, implications and facts, including the future consequences, then we can say that he is well informed. One must posses all the relevant information at that particular time when the information is needed. In ethics, informed consent basically implies that the affected person must be aware and fully informed on the advantages and disadvantages of his or her chosen mode of treatment. This does not allow the doctor to make decision on behalf of the patient but simply give information in a broader picture. In cases where one is not well informed, then he or she can authorize someone to present him or her during the decision making process (Manson, 2008). There have been cases where some legal steps can not take place due to lack of informed consent. In such cases, a relative can step in to give the informed consent on his behalf.

There are other extreme cases however whereby a patient for instance has had an accident and has been brought to the hospital by strangers and the patient is unconscious. In such cases, the doctor can give informed consent and give medications to the patient to save his life. According to Hippocratic Oath, this is allowed and it may involve major surgeries like amputation (Fisher, 2003). It is only on such cases and cases where one is not well informed that one can be assisted in making the decision and not in other cases.

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As much as the law insists that the patient should be given full information of the procedure and the treatments, the physicians insist on retaining some information arguing that this information simply scares away and most patients will decline and not take up the medications (Berger, 2006). Here, the physicians are being too unfair and they should be held responsible incases of future psychological torture to the patient.

They should give all the information required but give their advice and encourage patient to use their preferred option but not holding some information back. The patient has a right to know everything whether or not he will accept your option. They should encourage a patient to try their option since itís their area of specialization and that the doctors have much experience in that field but they should not in whatever reason fail to give all the information to the doctor (Westrick, 2008).

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