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Gender identity of a person refers to an individual’s sense of being a male or a female. It can also be defined as those attitudes and behaviors grouped together and are expected of a particular culture. Most people identify this fact in their early stage of life. These behaviors are considered normal and appropriate for the specific gender. This paper seeks to address how what we learn early in life about the aspect of maleness is modified as we become educated and move into the world of work.

Gender roles are defined by cultures and do vary from society to society. For example, in the American society the children grow knowing that a kiss on the cheek is a feminine behavior and not expected of males. But as one joins institutions of higher learning and meets different people for example European and Middle Eastern societies the perception changes. In such a society a kiss in the cheek is considered a masculine act. This changes one’s view.

Another case found in most African societies is that a male child is identified with careers that involve use of a lot of energy. And those courses like engineering are meant for men. But this perception is modified as it is evident in most universities and work places that females are increasingly taking up careers associated with technical courses. Furthermore, males were associated with work to provide food for the family and women to sit back and perform daily chores in the house.  However, with time more women pursue education and end up in lasting careers. In fact the chores that were identified with men are, in the course of life, done with men best. For example men are known to work as chefs in the restaurants, hotels and even at home.

In conclusion, what we learn in our childhood life is indeed modified as we get educated and enter work places. Thus it is not a guarantee that a person’s early experience about gender role will remain consistent through to later stage of life.

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