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The main subjects of this discussion are mothers, where the main issue being discussed is whether or not they should be involved in employment or jobs outside their homes. From  the argument of Senator Lausche and Miss Hickey it is clear that the mothers being discussed are whites from US who mostly are living in lower class and no wonder they go out of their way in search of other jobs outside their homes to substitute what the federal government and the states is willing to give them.

The greatest concern of those arguing against mothers being employed is the bringing up of the children. It is proven clinically that children need their mothers most importantly during the first years of their lives. According to their argument they prefer a woman to quit employment and bring up children first, then join working outside the home once the children are mature. A mother should not work outside her family unless it is a necessity and not for raising the living standards.

The most effective argument that is raised to defend working mothers is the one put forward by Mrs Ernest Lee who argues that she had four different  babysitters and she has seen no bad effect. She argues that  she has to work in order to pay for the rent and save more money to build a house for her children later in life. She says that if she doesn’t work, her children would end up living in overcrowded areas, which are not safe for children due to gangs and profane language that is used in such areas. I fully support her argument because children are affected by the environment they are brought up. If the working of a mother outside a home can give her children a better environment to grow in, and a good life at the same  time, then I would go for that.

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