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Music is everywhere, it is the basis of people’ life, culture, traditions, customs, etc. It surrounds everyone since early childhood and joins hands for the rest of life. Music refers to the universal phenomenon, as it exists from the people’s emergence and has twisted around their culture. Music develops with humanity simultaneously, it became the mean of expression among people and it helps to communicate with each other. People’s voices can also be seen as the type of music. Music has huge power; it changes moods, inspires to the self-development and conveys the images and memories. Music can be seen as a form of art that combines melodious tones of sound, it is the language sounds. Music is the material manifestation of the emotional state of the person or people; it is the flight of the human imagination, expressed in sound.

To prove that music has psychological effect on the person’s mind, Daniel Levitin has made a research and found out that music affects human brain and “goes throughout the whole brain”. This destroys the traditional thoughts that left hemisphere is responsible for logical operations and right one – for creativity. Many scientific researches were made and all of them have definite results that music effects person’s way of life, mind, thoughts, feelings, communication abilities and studying results. It was also discovered that music has the strongest impact on the young people. Jenny Nam Yoon has found out that children that were studying with the music had better academic results and were more socialized. Music helped them to be more tolerant and understand other cultures. She also asserts that music is an instrument that nurtures the esthetic feeling and helps to join the two brain hemispheres; as a result, children develop comprehensively. Music influences people’s emotions; therefore, it can perform a lot of necessary functions and be a great psychological answer.

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Scientists also have paid attention to another aspect of human life that is highly influenced by music - it is people’s mood. It has been found out that music can make people louder, calmer, and more peaceful, make them feel encouraged to change their lives or to be self-confident. When people listen to music, it changes them; this means that they understand that they have problems and want to deal with them. There were clinic surveys made with people, who have psychological disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. It was found that music changed people; it made them to be closer to the world they live in, to be more socialized. These were very important results and after this, scientists should explore this topic further, because music is a very promising sphere of art treatment.

In today’s world, many types of music exist. It is well known that each type of music influences people that listen to it and makes each group of people differ between each other. Therefore, it is accessible that music affects personal characteristics of people. For example, it is not hard to differentiate people who listen to Beethoven, from ones who like rock and those who appreciate hip-hop. Due to the music differences, they would look and act differently. The group of scientists has proven that some people choose the music genre that will help them to change their mood; at the same time, others are seeking for the one that is similar to their emotions. This can make a problem, as sometimes people with negative emotions, can tend to feel depression. Classical music is more elite, that means that people that listen to it are affected and their IQ and cognitive abilities become more developed. This theory needs more examination and exploration, to make sure that claim that classical music can have a beneficial effect on cognitive capabilities is true. Classical and popular music in the role of a background has also different impact on people’s performance. Some genres can be both relaxing and concentrating, other can make atmosphere unfriendly; therefore, the question of the music in the role of a background is still open in the scientific world.

Music is a part of human life and a universal phenomenon. Music, as acoustic information of artistic kind, is processed in the brain, which explains keen interest to this phenomenon from the side of psychology. There were many researches made concerning the music influence on the people’s mind, but as these questions refer to the psychology science, they are hard to be proven. But still no one would argue against that music is a significant factor in our lives.

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