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When you are a kid you basically live in wonderland, most often things to you are not what they are, but that they seem to you, or what you imagine them to be. For example, your parents will tell you that your cat was taken to your aunts farm to live there  and catch  mice, in reality poor animal just died.As a child you know no boundaries, the world and society has not yet laid their rules on you and you live careless life where your biggest decision is choice of bubble gum flavor of the day. You don’t see clouds in the sky, you see fluffy bunnies and beautiful dragons.

When you pass the sweet sixteen and you are seventeen, things change. You have more power, people pay more attention to your opinion and you can make quite big decisions on your own. If you fall there is no one there to pick you up and hold you , as you are too big for that in any way possible. You have to be strong, and you have work hard to reach your goals. At this point in life crying will get you exactly nowhere, it will never be like when you were a child and you just had to cry to get that extra candy or the teddy bear you wanted so much.

However, growing up does not mean growing old instantly, as many people do. Many times people just cave in under the pressure of the society and lose that creative out of the box thinking they had as children.  People think they are too old to dream, truth be told, I don’t think there is an age limit for dreaming .I think of it as when you grow up you receive more tools to make your dreams come true and to dream even bigger than you did before. You will inevitably grow old, there is no cure for that yet, but it is up to you if you want to grow up and to join grey mass of people who grew old just when they became adolescents.

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