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Applying for a Degree in Computer Science

Every single person in the world tends to do the things that make this person happy and satisfied. Same rule works in my case. I believe everything started back in my childhood, when I happened to get in close contact with electronic devices of all sorts we had at home. At that time I had no idea I will be applying for a degree in Computer Science two decades later.

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There was absolutely nothing making me different from the rest of my peers in the childhood, but I was not a part of the general crowd. Same as the rest of the kids, I enjoyed playing with toys, especially with the ones functioning on battery power or having the remote control. It was just a childish sympathy I felt for this kind of things, but a few years later, being a teenager, with more clear and decided thinking, I started realizing it could become a choice of my life. Unlike the rest of the youth my age I was spending hours studying the structure of different electronic devices.

I knew the way everything in my house was built. My love to technology was not limited to the hardware, as I also greatly enjoyed learning how the complicated processes take place in the electronic devices around us. My close interaction with computers started when I was fifteen years old, and I had my first computer at that time. It was primitive compared to the modern state-of-the-art machines that literally fly, but it was my guide to the future of a computer specialist. In order to improve my knowledge of different software and the way it was working, I commenced taking various courses for studying Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office as a whole.

Gaining Skills in Computer Programs

Getting closer to being totally grown-up I started working on gaining more skills in different computer programs. After I have successfully passed the school finals and received my GED I decided to get a college degree and applied to the top IT institution at my home town. I managed to combine studying and learning C programming, AutoCAD, Dreamweaver and Freehand programming languages with working as a computer technician and a network develop for a few public internet providers nationwide and globally.

My studies, followed by working in the computer field, brought a huge advantage to me as a future computer scientist. The continuous involvement in the computer-related areas made me feel fully acquainted with everything that could expect me in the future as a computer professional, working in diverse fields, running into different people and solving numerous issues and challenges.

People hold sets of different talents and qualities that are developed differently according to everyone’s personality. As for me, one of my greatest qualities is my total self-dedication to the goals I set for myself, and it absolutely does not matter whether it is a short-term goal that would be done with and forgotten in a few days or the life-long goal. Once I set myself ready for struggle, there is nothing that can stop me.

One of my ultimate goals was moving to the US in order to have better life and job opportunities, as well as to be able to provide my family with the best living conditions and make sure they will have safe and happy future. So I left my native country being only 21 years old, lacking practical life experience. I ended up living in Korea, working for a commercial enterprise that had nothing to do with my computer dream. The only way I could keep myself in the up-to-date mode was by reading scientific magazines on computers. I lost three years of my life for nothing, struggling to survive and not to lose the precious knowledge I had. I did not give up, brought myself together and moved to Turkey, where I had to spend another 30 months working hard and waiting for my application for the US visa to go through.

Finally, on arrival to the USA, being 28 years old, I realized my young years, the best ones anybody can get and dream of, were long gone. I was left to myself, as I could not expect any support, being an alien in the totally new world. It was a very complicated task to find a job, and when I finally did, I had to work in a big store’s computer department. I knew my goal for the time was not accomplished yet, as I did not have a college degree in the US, proving my excellent knowledge in the computer field. So I made an effort, applied and got enrolled in a local college.

Although it was not a university, it was the only way to educate for me, as I had to work full time in order to make the ends meet and cope with the maximal load of study courses. I was struggling with the tough realities surrounding me; I had to study at a high level, without a chance to start everything over, as I knew how hard it would be. It was at that moment of my life when I had another blow from the fate. I failed one of the courses, my GPA suffered, and I had to take the course once again, losing precious time.


The events, described above, did not make me stop or take a step back on the way to my dream. I changed the number of work hours, took fewer classes and started making even more efforts to achieve my goal. I feel I am going to become an outstanding computer specialist, and I will not stop despite any other obstacles I might run into on my way to the long-desired happy future. I believe completing of this program will make me one step closer to my life dream and introduce another computer expert to the world.

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