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Free Example of New York Retail-Marketing Essay

Upon visiting Macy’s Departmental store which is located at the Herald Square between the 34th and 35th on Broadway Street, there items are arranged in a manner which allows easier navigation from one floor to another. There are 10 floors within the premise which covers from clothing to shoes and accessories and home items which are placed at a location which holds ceramics from China. It is evidently clear that the Departmental Store targets the middle-income households living within New York City.

The Store uses numerous ways in order to market the merchandise in the store. For instance, the different floors owned by the Store are arranged in a manner which distinguishes merchandise from another. In the first and second floor the items displayed consists of both shoes and other clothing accessories. This makes it easier for the potential customer to locate the needed item at a faster rate thus saving on time resource. Subsequently, the Store provides merchandise at a cheaper deal than most of the other stores around the location. This fundamental facet attracts for a larger customer base hence increasing on sales and revenue in that matter.

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There target market is the middle-income household which is composed of the people who are willing and able to purchase the different items which are portrayed in the store. These groups of people are employed either formally or informally within the different sectors existing within the employment industry of New York. The informal sector consists of the entertainment industry whose taste and preference exists in the fashion and designs. It should also be noted that these form of customers are considered to be the target customer.

In my opinion, I will vehemently visit and shop at this store given the fact that the items are arranged in a clear and concise manner. Furthermore, the items are priced cheaply thus I will save some cash for quality products.

The store is located in a fairer position which attracts a substantial number of customers of the middle income fraternity.

The second store I visited was 30th Street Guitars. The shop is located at Soho Street which harbors the Upper East Side of the City. The store has a wider selection of guitars which range from soft to hard-rock guitars.

In a bid to provide a clear and concise arrangement of the merchandise on sale, the different guitars are arranged not only on their colors and design but also the type of music they are meant for playing. The unique an encouraging ambience noise which covers for most of the block within attracts a deeper loyal customer base of local singers as well as the upfront rock-star celebrities.

They use the cool and soft rock music as a marketing strategy for attracting the potential rock-musicians into purchasing the merchandise. There are also a variety of rock accessories like bangles and labeled t-shirts which are offered as free gifts for every purchase of guitars within the store.

Personally, I will shop at this store since the store is located at a convenient position which provides a clear environment for testing guitars without attracting lots of attention. The Store is also service friendly in the sense that the staff are friendlier people are very considerate to assist a customer purchase the merchandise which suits their area of expertise and interest in that matter.

 Given the fact that the store attracts lots of customer depicts that they provide quality guitars at affordable prices as compared to other local stores conducting the same business. In my opinion, the fact that the guitars are distinguished in order of their models makes one be concise and save money in the process of purchasing the merchandise.

The store is located in a fair position which allows potential customers purchase the merchandise and safely move them to their location without attracting attention. The store also provides after-sales services upon which the merchandise are adjusted and modified to give it a more attractive appearance. Such services include custom-painting the guitar in order to give it a personal touch in respect to the customers’ desire.

There are also warranties given for the guitar in case of breakages and un-excepted damages so that they are replaced with newer ones or they are mend in order to continue being useful in the future. Other services offered by the Company are e-mail alert services in case of introduction of newer models of guitars so that the existing clientele in the database are made the first to own these newer merchandises.

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