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The ultimate goal of nursing education is to impart nursing knowledge, values and skills and prepare students to adequately take on the tasks of the nursing profession. Knowledge is defined as the end point of integrating “what is known and understood through learning and experience”. The body of nursing knowledge is generated by theory and research. The former describes what nursing is, what nurses do as well as the various phenomena in nursing. The latter is the application of theory into practice which further enriches theory. Both theory and research are the foundations of practicing nursing as a profession because these are the sources of its unique body of knowledge. With advances in these areas, learning and practice are further supplemented or modified to integrate new developments. It follows then that the knowledge nursing education provides must be a solid and up-to-date theoretical and research foundation. This is to permit entry-level nurses to practice guided by theoretical frameworks and the results of research. They will also have the appreciation and skills for theory construction and research ensuring the continuous advancement of the profession.       

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However, the use of theory in nursing education relates not just to course content but also the transmission of knowledge. Theoretical frameworks delineate the curriculum’s focus and the intent of education, the progression of content, the characteristics of both learning environment and learners, and strategies for teaching. For instance, Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit theory has been used in designing nursing education curricula in seven BSN programs in the U.S. Thus, the schools’ philosophies, definitions of nursing, nursing care and the nurse’s role, and the subject areas in their respective curricula are based on Orem’s concepts. A study also documented the use of the nursing process, as described in Callista Roy’s adaptation theory, in medical-surgical case studies as a teaching strategy to facilitate critical thinking among student nurses. Moreover, theoretical frameworks can also guide the design and progression of student clinical exposure such as when Patricia Benner’s novice to expert model is used. When nursing education is based not on whim but on theory and research in terms of content and design, it becomes feasible for standards to be established to which the quality of nursing education can be based upon. This also makes nursing education amenable to regulation by appropriate agencies.

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