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Our society and changes in it prove that it is necessary to follow the fast pace of the modern world. Nowadays much more attention is paid to the studies of the gender differences as this aspect becomes extremely widespread and we can see its implications in different spheres including education, business, art, and etc.

I believe that this course will help me to improve my knowledge in this sphere, learn many new things, and hence I will be able to have a deeper and more detailed understanding of various notions and events in the world including many invisible structures and systems that influence the way we perceive and perform gender. Besides, I am interested not only in the common studies of gender differences, but also in a more detailed and particular research of my own environment and the role of societal structures of gender and sexuality in it. Surely such a goal can be reached only with the proper knowledge of certain historic background of this topic including such aspects as feminism, some other women studies, and their key concepts. It is truly fascinating to observe and analyze how many distinguished and famous writers, artists, and other individuals perceived and then reflected their personal vision of gender differences and diverse relationships throughout the past hundred or even more years.

There is no doubt that feminism becomes very widespread nowadays and it is necessary to analyze many notions through the spectrum of it. Feminism in my opinion is closely related with the idea of equality and proper attitude to women without any ungrounded stereotypes in diverse spehres including politics, economy, and etc.

 I believe that this certainly intensive online course will help me look beyond the cover of many things and become an expert in such aspects as women, culture, and difference.

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