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Cultural competence applies to the ability to communicate effectively with people from different cultures, in particular, within the context of human resources, non-profit organizations and state institutions whose employees working with people from different cultures/ethnic groups.

Based on the table, and summing together all my answers to the questions contained in it, I can say the following. Indeed, my cultural background and cultural origins of people from other countries have a significant but not a big influence on my thinking, and therefore, even if indirectly, to my actions towards the person as well. It starts with a thought and it can go into effect. Therefore, I believe that cultural education and the study of health care workers use cultural sensitivity which is a very important aspect of the practice of medicine, which in any case cannot be ignored and underestimated. It is important to educate medical workers to communicate with patients the finer points of other cultures in order to simplify their work, and improve the medical outcome.

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Cultural competence has four components: (1) to increase its own cultural world outlook, (2) the attitude to cultural differences, (3) knowledge of the different cultural customs and world outlook, and (4) cultural skills. The development of cultural competency results in the ability to understand, communicate and cooperate effectively with people of various cultures.

Clearly there is a need to develop culturally competent nurses in the United States. If the goal of nursing education is to educate a diverse population of nurses and teach all nurses of cultural competent practice, then the monitoring of progress to achieve these goals is necessary.

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