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Free Example of Police Misconduct Essay

Police misconduct refers to improper behavior or offensive actions taken by police officers when administering their official duties. Meadows (2010) defines police misconduct as any illegal or unethical behavior, conduct or action that results into violation of constitutional rights of persons by police officers as they conduct their duties. Meadows (2010) emphasizes that police misconduct usually leads to miscarriage of justice and discrimination of victims. According to Champion (2011), nearly five percent of police officers in the United States commit police misconduct every year.

Examples of Police Misconduct

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The most common cases of police misconduct include false arrest, intimidation of suspects, false imprisonment, corruption, and police brutality. The United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division (2006) also lists racial profiling, selective enforcement of laws in cases where suspects are friends or family members and relatives; such conduct of police officers often occurs under the influence of drugs and alcohol while administering duties and lying under oath as other forms of police misconduct. For my part, dishonesty amongst police officers, torture and physical abuse of suspects aimed at forcing them to confess falsely and sexual assaults are also other forms of police misconduct.

Mechanisms for Dealing with Police Misconduct

There are a number of mechanisms that have been put in place to prevent and control police misconduct. These mechanisms include introduction of reforms within the police departments and other justice systems, for instance, the formation of an oversight agency that keeps an eye on the conduct of police officers. This oversight agency also ensures that the conducts and actions of police officers are closely monitored so that police misconducts are curbed at an early stage. Moreover, close monitoring also helps in ensuring that innocent people who have been falsely prosecuted or accused are freed as soon as possible. Citizens should also be encouraged to report cases of police misconduct to the relevant authorities in order to ensure that police officers do not intimidate suspects. Police misconduct has also been controlled through the use of exclusionary laws requiring that evidences obtained by police officers during criminal investigations through misconduct are not admissible in the courts and other justice systems.

According to the Flex Your Rights Organization (2008), police misconduct can also be controlled through proper leadership that entails formulation and implementation of policies that prohibit unethical and unacceptable behaviors amongst police officers. This also entails adequate internal administrative control. Police officers must also ensure that they do not violate procedural policies that govern and guide their actions.

To conclude, I would emphasize that police misconducts usually lead to wrongful convictions, thus should be avoided at all costs.

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