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Free Example of Position Descriptions Essay

Position descriptions – are a detailed and well-defined review of the state and responsibilities of a particular position. Indeed, the set of duties and responsibilities is a major focus for any human resource department since it helps much in defining the position and the person’s fit for it. But sometimes the position descriptions may not be such guaranteed. The following are some of the pros and cons of having position descriptions and not using them.


Position descriptions are really helpful to human resource managers in finding or determining qualified employees.  A detailed and defined aforementioned set can provide a proper direction and information in finding certain skills and knowledge for a position, hence hires a more skillful employee. Also, it can eventually reduce the time needed in hiring an employee and limit those who are not qualified. Secondly, a position description is able to define the position of an individual in an organization, so as each employee is aware what is expected of him or her, and reduce confusion on duties and responsibility. This will help maintain the organizational structure of a company, as well.


Even with the benefits of a position description, it can limit the growth of an employee in the organization. A more specific and detailed set of duties and responsibilities may inhibit the development of a person working for another one for pay. Majorly, if a position is well detailed it is difficult to take other responsibilities and advance.  At the same time, descriptions limit the employee’s contributions, thus, lack utilizing the talents and extra skills of him or her.

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Case Problems

In the case study, there were certain resource difficulties. The first one was that the job description limiting the responsibilities of the human resources director because the admitted of taking of 5% of his time on them, therefore, providing the least efforts and skills. Secondly, there was duplication of responsibilities of director of human resources by district principals limiting his work to filing in the evaluation reports.


The director of human resources had a responsibility to coordinate teacher performance evaluation in the district. Thereby, the former would have taken the duty to clarify to unit district principals –it was the requirement of his position. These would have helped principals to shift into other duties and leave the appropriate functions to the director. Moreover, he could take the case to the Board to enlighten his further responsibilities and coordinate with Principal in evaluation processes.

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